Darts randomly deflected

Has anyone else noticed that since they got rid of the “creature escaped” baloney that now some darts will randomly be deflected, even though they are clearly within the target? I just had 3 deflect on a secodontosaurus. I mean, I know it’s not the most desirable epic (for now) but an epic is an epic, and to lose 3 shots is pretty big. It also happens with other things too - a lot.

Just me? Anyone else?


ive also noticed that direct hits arent registering either. the dino wont even be moving and ill hit it directly in the direct hit and ill only get like a 12.

Hey D_MOL, our team would be happy to take a look and see if there might be an issue. If you’re able to get a recording or a screenshot for when this happens again, could you send it over to our team here at support+forums@ludia.com? It’ll help our team’s investigation. If you’re also able to include the date and time of when it happens as well, that would be even more helpful. Thanks!

I’ve noticed this esp. with Dimorph, I figured maybe it was the scale (small dino, so zooming in more to make the target the normal size) causing the target to be more picky, but I’ve also had some deflect that I swear were inside.

I’ve also noticed with secondonto and some flyers. If you hit his sail even though it’s within the direct target range it often deflects. With flyers it appears if the wing flaps into the circle it blocks your dart even though it should’ve been a direct hit

I’ve only noticed this on Dimorphodon. All the other times I just miss cause the bullseye is on the dinos tail and the tail has a mind of its own half the time.

I noticed it on Dimorphodon only. I time it so the wings are not over the target. If the dart hits a wing, it is deflected.

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Yes. Happened to me on 2 different darting sessions a few days ago. Darts seemed to be coming in from nowhere and were deflected.

This is a thing on several “sail” type dinos. I think it somehow registers as deflected when it hits the top of the sail.

Like JHVS said, when their wings come up, it deflects the dart!

Yup, I immediately noticed this when Dimorphodon was released and I was thinking if this was part of the game mechanics or bug?

I thought that was happening to me as well. But really, it’s hard to tell when simultaneously driving down the Interstate while eating a cheeseburger and air drumming to Classic Rock.

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Yes! I thought I was crazy but it looked to me like the wing knocked the dart outta the way!