Darts with bundles or just more darts

I’m probably gonna quit, I can’t progress anymore bc of darts, and it’s to damn cold outside for me to walk anywhere to get supply drops not like they give me much anyways, I would be fine if they at least had some sorta bundle or added with bundles but nope. My friends have quit for the same reason, and I feel like anyone who didn’t get that bundle way back when covid started is probably gone already.

i’ve lost all my darts too, but they’re really easy to get. the daily incubator gives 50 every day, daily rewards give some darts and supply drops give like 7 a thing. the green ones give up to 50. if you don’t have any supply drops, then that would be a pretty big problem. Sadly if that’s the case, they probably won’t care because it was a game for meant for moving. they only ever gave the darts cuz of covid.

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Yea it’s 4 degrees at where i am and i can’t even dart a epic this weekend

that stinks, report a supply drop issue and u’ll be fine

4 degrees is not that cold, it’s not even freezing. I darted at -10, no problem. Just keep your hands in pockets, and take them out just for darting.


It’s not that big of a deal

Just remove the cap on darts. So many darts wasted when opening drops when carpooling. The ones in incs. Most insulting logging in for the daily rewards and the darts going nowhere. Bought up to 70k darts and now I’m down to 5k from hunting and I can’t help but to think of all the darts I could’ve gotten. Why can’t we stockpile on the primary objective of playing besides us getting scammed to waste bucks on darts on bad supply drop spawns? That watching an ad for 5 darts is a joke too btw