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Hello guys !!

Having the missions both personal and alliance in mind , that is not a sound action to take away the option of buying darts ( 1200 darts = 400 coins)
It was not like that u gave it for free u were charging for it anyways !!
Now keeping that in mind , the darts which the supply drops indicates after spinning don’t come in account !!
Why is that ? Why u doing this ?
(Giving a tough mission like darting 10000 )

After the last update the game is very laggy,
Changing between sights in game take very longtime , friends list doesn’t upload !,…,

Buying 1400 darts for 400 coins was only implemented at the started of worldwide lockdowns. It never was meant to be a thing for the game. It makes sense that they eventually decided to remove them. They always previously had darts for sale for HC, which makes sense for them to go back to that.

1400 darts for 400 coins is pretty much considered giving darts away for free.

I’m fine with the fact they’ve been removed, even though I had only just started the collect 60,000 darts achievement.

What makes me wonder is why remove the darts but keep the giga scents which requires the use of a lot of darts. It is also unfortunate that the darts you get from supply drops post-max don’t count towards the achievement.

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I would imagine that it’s meant for people going out hunting for an afternoon and will be spinning supply drops as they go.

I have like 270000 darts saved

I respect your thinking but not necessarily sharing it!

This is not a discussion about what meant to be, it is about what is to be !!! Things that makes the game better !

Every game has a fundamental instrument. This instrument is the base and a must to the functionality of the game.
In this game Dart is the one! Without it the game be meaningless,one can’t collect DNA, leading to paralyzing the game !
To absorb people to play this game this fundamental instrument should be unlimited! Now I accept that it is more interesting to spin to earn darts so let it be but the limit on it is not good. Let’s be realistic
What will happen when me as player comes to a point that my darts are finished !? Do u think I am gonna buy darts for those prices ?

When I have to pay 250000 coins to evolve one Dino just leveling up once then every single coins come into the count !
No sir 400 coins to pay is not like as it is free !
But it’s a good price to take for fundamental instrument which originally must be free of charge.
So even if Ludia wants to get paid for it fine !
Then let this 400 dart buy be.

When u spin the supply drops it indicates some darts which will be yours ! It is given to be.
But when Ludia started to implement the 400 dart buy , darts produced by spinning supply drops started to not be counted in. ( this is not happening only to me ,it’s happening to all of us !! U check it)
As I had possibility to buy darts for 400 so I did not mind much then. Now it is not the same case .

I understand that Ludia wants to earn money ofcourse but this is the wrong track ! Because the darts are the heart of this game.

My suggestion is that Ludia focuses on VIP and scents.
Make the VIP advantages much more interesting so that it be impossible to say no !!!
How ? I have suggestion for that but this is not the place to discuss that.
Scents: if I buy a scents now after 20 minutes I will get only 1or 2 good Dinos ! The rest are in the wild all the time !
Why should i spend money on that ?
Now giga scent is not there but then after 3 hours of darting got only 3 or 4 Dinos that I needed .

Place good Dinos in scents which are really price worthy and charge for it instead. Fill up scents only with good Dinos so that people can’t resist to buy it and sale it for good . Don’t fill the scents with easy to find dinos , nobody gonna buy that !

The quality of the game is vital !
Ludia is updating at any costs ! And the game getting laggy , difficult to navigate between in game sights because it does not load up .

Is it not better to secure the quality first before updating ?