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Darwin DNA: for highly dedicated Daily Missioners


Once you are a JWA player, you will involve with 2x sub-careers… “Hunters” and “Battlers”. Some intrested more on the former, and some on the later.

Now introducing you a new sub-career that was just introduced month ago, the “Daily Missioner”. And this job is the worst of all, as you have to be BOTH. A fully dedicated Hunter and crazy Battler at same time, to keep fullfil the daily mission task.

…with all the blood sweat that the Daily Missioners have to go through daily, is this really the justice reward you can give, Ludy??

Im expecting that it will become different DNA after 100 last time. end up its not… the same alanqa you give, and continue up until 120.
Now worst, +10 DNA after every 10x days.

Please do justice, grab the phone and try to “feel” the hardwork we have to go thru daily, Ludy. Its painful. Seriously really really really painful to complete this daily task…

If you in fact already plan the DNA will be change to Darwin, or Trex, or Erli, for example, after reach certain cap limit, than its ok. Can just ignore this post then…
just want to say Thank you in advance.

If not, im already speechless and dont know what else to say. My long text already express everything.
Thanks again

~one sad & daily tired player~


It’s free dna so quit complaining eventually they will change it but probley to not what u wish for.


thanks for the “eventually they will change it” phrase. reading that phrase alone is already enough to be the tissue paper to wipe my tears. no matter if it end up not DNA what i/we wish for

They so aren’t gonna change it! If they do will be worse DNA like something that can’t even be fused into new creature! Why cause ludia are money hungry and not into making a playable fun game!


I like how it used to be quit complaining alanky will get a unique … now its quit complaining it will change eventually. Based on what information do you have, to know they will ever change it.

This is just typical Ludia shooting themselves in the foot. If it was dna we actually wanted i imagine more people would be spending hard cash to speed up the incubators.

And speaking of incubators…in order to keep completing these daily missions the dna you recieve is not free… it has a hard cash cost to speed up incubators.

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My take here is: don’t give a hoot about missions!
It’s too expensive and time consuming for that reward…

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I fall firmly in the first two categories I’m first and foremost a competitive BATTLER, and second a dino HUNTER (I enjoy both so much). As for Missioneer, na I’m not that bothered and am happy to miss, what 100ish Alanqu DNA? Big deal. I’m not even collecting for it’s hybrid, but if they were rewarding us with a more favourable creature then I might put some more effort in.

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They should so rotate between the epics that have multiple hybrids anything less is throwing us useless scraps!!!


Because of course they will eventually change it. It won’t be alanqa forever… And by the way alanky may still get a unique in the future…

I say may… By the way not will.

Oh alanqa could be here for months or be gone in the update


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What a crap unique it would make though! The era of shields being good is long gone! Look at tyrant tier most, if not all laugh at shields and armour! Why not give us the icon of jp Tyranosaurus rex that is used in a legendary and three uniques. Pretty sure we could all do with stockpiling that DNA!!!


I agree it’s odd they don’t cycle the daily missions reward DNA but ah well. Leave it to them and don’t stress.

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I agree thats its dissapointing. Its just part of the birds kick that they have been on lately. Hopefully they get this out of their system soon, as I am sick to death of all of these birds.

Being 100% honest, Im not even interested in the new unreleased Unique flyers at all. But, being that I have a full dinodex, the 1.6 dinos will be all I have left to work on.


I love the birds… Don’t care if I’m in the minority lol

Remember you won’t get what you want… Cus you are sick of it :blush:

They should make it that you start at 10 dna and continue to 100. Once you reach that goal the game should cycle in a new epic. Rinse and repeat


I dont even care if its epic dna… because as long as its epic dna ludia will most likely only give is stygi and alanqa. There are plenty of desirable rares and park spawn commons that could be used that is more valuable then alanqa.

Heck they could tie it in with the hybrid events and give us whatever there spawning in the wild. Last week would have been sino this week tarbo… that way we only getting real good dna some of the time.

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Personally I’d rather get a whole load of hard-cash (say 200) for completing daily missions than DNA for one random creature.

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Sino for 2 weeks, Darwin for 2 weeks, Mono for 2 weeks, Ankylo for 2 weeks

then repeat this cycle for 3 months


If you look, they have room to give us a choice of 5 dino’s to choose from when we complete the missions. Of course if they give a choice of 5, people will complain, they don’t have one they want.

Still, 5 DNAs to chose from would still be better than 1, obviously if they give 5 garbage DNA people would complain.

Thanks Ludy