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Darwin event week results so far

Pteranodon - 3
Dimodactylus - 2

Darwinopterus? BIG FAT 0.

Some event.

EDIT: won an epic scent from todays tower, got 2 darwin.


Only saw one and it was beyond my reach for a while but I got it. Other than that, no sign of any others

Saw 2 for the moment

  1. One. Uno. Un. Ich.
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Before maintenance: none
After maintenance: 2 yesterday, 1 today


Before maintenance: zero
After maintenance: zero


Found a wild, event Darwin on my way home today. I hadn’t seen any this week before yesterday’s maintenance. To be fair, there may have been a few Darwin on the map before the maintenance that just weren’t visible due to the 10 billion Hatz that were obscuring the map.


Currently big fat zero. :expressionless:

None for me. :frowning:

I always like to walk a lot I haven’t seen even one this the entire week and if you compare that to the amount of time I walked this week is pretty insane XD

Before maintenance: zero
After maintenance: one - which I then used to fuse when I’m meant to be levelling it :man_facepalming:

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One on the far side of train tracks so threw drone out from 100m

Yesterday two spawned right on top of me.

But people go into those featured epic weeks with too high expectations.
Firstly, Darwin spawns everywhere at the moment, not just in parks. Thats a major perk.
Secondly, an increase from 0.2 % spawn rate to 0.4 % spawn rate (arbitrary numbers) is still a massive increase in spawns, but of course you can’t expect to find 10 a day just because of that.

I’ve seen none of worst epic with worst hybrid. Not bothered.

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Found 1 so far, spawned on top of me while moving around.

During the mono week I saw at least one a day, and one day I found 5. So… history sets my expectations, which is one or two a day - considering how much I am out gathering coins and darting.

saw one today but out of range

Lucky man - I think I saw two in the wild all week plus 2 from epic scents.

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zero in the wild, 2 from epic scents

Before maintance zero, after 2…1 wild and 1 from an epic scent