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Darwin spawn change


Today something incredible happened, I found two darwin (never saw one outside an event or an incubator). If finding one isn’t strange enough, the two darwin spawned kilometers away from a park or a nest.

NOW the possibility to find two casual darwin spawn are very very very… Low, so is it possible that during the last patch (where they reintroduced the alliance missions) they changed Darwin spawn? One last thing I found them one during dawn and one during dusk.

Am I the only one that I saw this change?


They are one of this week’s event dino’s (green supply drops) … there always seems to be an element of “leakage” and they crop up in the wild too.


Another possible theory is that there’s areas where you don’t see green zones, yet they are in fact, parks. I’ve run into this situation a lot.


I am not sure if this is still applicable to this patch but I agree with PQC that during an event week, those Event dinos used to spawn at a higher rate in the wild.