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Darwinopteros as battle reward exclusive


With 2 uniques coming up using Darwinopteros, I think the best way is to make it arena battle reward exclusive. Spoofers will not have any advantage over legit players and people will be forced to battle a lot…

It's a sad day. I think it's time to leave the game

plus a series of Darwin event


Great idea! As of now I don’t think anyone has enough Darwin to fuse for both uniques. Definitely need a legit way to be able to aquire both


I can get behind this my only concern is dont they have a full week atleast worth to begin stockpiling?
I know darwin is rare for us outside l5 but i gotta think theyve already begun.


This is the only feasible solution I think would satisfy the desire of these Uniques for everyone. Atleast this way, you have to grind and meet daily requirements for quests to get ahead in Darwin DNA. With TWO Uniques requiring a recently introduced Epic Dino for their ingredients, this atleast seems like a palpable means to unlocking/powering up such creatures. Let the truly dedicated have their reward.


Also ludia. I suggest u create some ingredients variety next time everytime u release new update. Only 1-2x unique introduced every new update.

Even worst now you force everybody to find strawberries to eat 2x new flavor strawberry ice cream that you create. Why cant u create alternative choclate or vanilla icecream instead??? Rather than 2x new flavor strawberry icecream???

If reverse time, the metorphore what you do now, is like introducing Tenorex and Thor at same new update. But instead you force both unique must use Sino as ingredients. This is what you are doing…


Dammit, now I am hungry for some Neapolitan ice cream! :smile:


Unfortunately this isn’t wholly the truth. :frowning: If it’s been in an event ever or will be… we’re screwed on this front.


Eh, i’d say their release schedule is pretty freakin aggressive. They’ve consistently had new dinos every update with every one coming 2-3 months from the last… This game has been out for what… not even a year? And we’re on the 4th update since release with new content/dinos?


probably gonna be something more like this :joy:



Some weeks ago:pterosaur week is useless,nobody needs Darwin and hatzegopteryx, it’s the worst week EVER

Today:OMG,i need Darwin so bad but,it’s so rare,make it arena exclusive!

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I darted darwin During that event. Literally the only day i went after the event dinos and i did so for darwin


I darted all 9 attempts on Darwino because I saw Metahub data mining and it said Darwino will become hybrid ingredient.

But no one knows they actually gonna release 2 uniques based on Darwino in the same time.
This is the main argument here.


That’s not a bad thing. New dinosaurs keep the game interesting and get people out playing.


I did the same, I only got Darwin


I saw they make it both because I know there is other players like me who don’t like to do the battles or just simply can’t and I haven’t battled in so long because I find it pisses me off. I think the only way to make it better for all players is make it both with maybe getting it in a later arena for the battle rewards like arena 7.