Darwinopterus; Dlipodocus

Has anyone seen/created either of these? Really intrigued by them…

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Not me :c…

hahahaha i ask same question this morning. You can search it :slight_smile:

Darwin yes, absolutely. diplo isn’t out yet.



They are very underwhelming with their health pools

So that’s 2 epics now that somehow exist in game but can’t be caught at all or gotten through arena incubators. Where is the Blue spawns he was apparently released into the wild but for some reason still not available apart from events and now diplodocus to forever annoy the collectors amongst us

Darwinopterus is available in parks. I live near one and have seen 3. I also have gotten him from a general epic incubator.

Diplodocus is not yet available and if I had to guess will be tournamnet 4 prize, and then released into the wild like brachi.

Don’t count on it we got announcements that blue was being released into wild months ago and still not in the wild or in arena incubators

Got Darwinopterus from incubator.