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Darwinopterus Tournament - 4/9/2021 - 4/12/2021

But why? It’s like the worst Dino there is

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I also call them limited edition

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I think more of a Dracorex gen 2!

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Well I think they should add gen 3s

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This is getting off-topic.
I personally think that gen 3s would just make the game unoriginal and would be too much


Maybe velociraptor gen 3 or rexy gen 3

Yeah, you’re right, it’s getting pretty messed up


Anyways, in the darwinopterus tournament, my last check was half an hour ago and I’m in dominator league rank 50 with 255 trophies

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I seem to have got a pack!

Also got another pack from tourney but didn’t screenshot it.

I can’t believe I’m taking on these creatures and winning !


1st run20210410_003836



…Good Prizes on Spin Wheel not found.


I check on Reddit yesterday and one of the users on there said that tournaments with old dinosaurs only need 1300-1400 trophies but ones that have new creatures require 1500 to 1600 trophies to stay in dominator league until the end.


No need to worry about anything as long as we have @Sionsith with us. :wink:


Typical run. 1 surprise tough match when I first got into predator that I lost. The next match was more typical.

Tough match in Dom I almost quit after I lost my armormata in 2nd round of turns but numbers worked out just right to pull out a lucky win with raja


Data for tonight. Diverted a lot of good teams into PVE tonight, got a Plesiosaur so that was useful but could have done with getting a bit higher in the tournament. Only lost one Dominator battle, with a scraped-together odd team, but my Ostaposaurus team got disconnected without scoring which was super-annoying.

Really pleased to get 2 of these:

after getting nothing higher than 200 DNA all tournament last week.


the tournament is way too hard. My best dinos are indominus level 20, spinoraptor level 30 and diplosuchs level 10. The dominator league battles are like impossible for me to do.

It doesn’t matter how good your dinos are (well, you need to have at least VIP level 10 ferocity, but that’s only like 50% win rate at best). It’s all about matchups.

Make sure you’re using opposite classes for spot 1 and 2, then take your pick for spot 3 (I like a Carnivore or amphibian depending on the first two spots). I like the following:
Herbivore meat shield
Amphibian glass cannon
Carnivore balanced

Here’s an example of what I use as close to my bare minimum (I’ll usually use a level 15 p
Prestosuchus, but they were all on cool down).

I did not get a great match up, but was able to use the 3 attack 1 block loop to my advantage with 2 dinos left and got the win.

I brought a better team this time and got an easier matchup.


Happy to get over the 1K mark. Fell asleep a little under, then my son climbed into our bed around 1:30am and woke me up. Got a few more battles done :wink:
Some data


Useless data that is useless!