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Honestly, I have not seen the Darwinopterus for almost a month. During the lunar event my phone was having problems turning on so I wasnt able to catch it for the event. But where did they all go, I’m desperately trying to find them for the Hazeto hybrid.


Parks. Good luck.


I’ve been to several parks lol. All I see are dimoprhidons


In my experience playing the game, it feels like everytime I need to go find a specific creature, the game just calls Thanos and has him erase that dinosaur so I can never find it. It happens to me.all the time


Okay 15 minutes ago the game suddenly became very generous to me. I completed the Pyroraptor epic tower after failing horribly the first time, and the epics I won were 50 Rajasaurus and almost 300 Darwins, which finally allowed me to fuse it to level 15 for the hybrid. It’s almost like the game finally realized how much I was struggling to find those little guys that it was like, “oh that’s what you want man? Okay here you go.” Lol


I need a lot more of this and I just don’t seem them.

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