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Dat Felicia Fatale tho 👀

Okay so… Felicia content when???
I’ve had this app for like just a couple of days and I’ve been needing her the second I started playing.Just how much longer do we have to wait!? :sob: And I’m honestly a little mad that - once again - the one I want to romance most doesn’t have a route yet. What a curse it is to be attracted to women like her(I swear I created this account just to gush about her and she doesn’t even have any content yet!)…
Does anyone share my pain? Please do tell me I’m not alone and going crazy for nothing!

Speaking of crazy, is it silly or extra silly that I somehow get such big Maleficent/Evil Queen vibes from her? And now I can’t stop associating her with Lana del Rey’s version of Once Upon A Dream - or maybe more like just Lana’s voice? And that makes me like her even more??? Help???

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I feel you. I’ve been playing since the beginning of last month and have been trying to patiently wait for her story to be released. I’m hoping for some kind of Noire-esque storyline. Maybe she’s a jaded and morally grey PI, detective, or criminal. Whatever it is I’m looking forward to it.

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Praise the stars, someone who understands!

Lol seriously tho, I like the way you think, I’m hoping for something along those lines too. I’m also hoping for just a tad bit something a bit more serious and mature. The ones I’m chatting with now are perhaps a little too… Um what’s the word… Well not childish exactly but those girls are the kind of people that I would probably see as really good friends at most if this were the real life, you know? Felicia on the other hand… I only needed to see her and I was sold! So I really hope developers give her content soon, I don’t know just how long I can actually wait!


I completely understand what you’re saying. I matched with all the characters possible but while some are cool, I also see most of them as friends or at least friends with potential, but I’d have to talk to them more first. Sometimes the relations move a little too quick, but I get that with the whirlwind types like Eve/Alice.

I hope Felicia has a more mature, darker storyline too. But I also know there are surely some younger players so probably not top much of either of those things.

That’s true so maybe let’s just hope she’s not so darn eager to jump to the ‘‘good stuff’’ the minute we start chatting with her then? Although I must admit I probably wouldn’t mind it with her :joy:
And I’d love it if she’d generally have a bit more of mature attitude towards life and things. That’s what I actually want from a potential partner irl. Some immaturity here and there is totally fine - heck, I’m like that! - but I honestly enjoy far more ‘‘the older, the wiser, the mature’’ -type when it comes to dating someone. Probably 'cause I’m still such a kid myself even at this age lol.

I’d be down for a slow burn with her, I think that would go well with her character, but a bit of a whirlwind (not too much though, more just like frequent, dark humor flirting is what I mean).

Haha, I can understand that. I think I’m more like the hypothetical version of Felicia, but a little more excitable than she seems like she could be?

Yes, exactly! More slow burn with some occasional perhaps dark humor spiced flirting! That’s pretty much all I ask, and it would fit her. Well judging from what we know about her so far.

Ohh cool! Well I’ve been often told that I am rather mature for my age but in my own honest opinion I’m probably always gonna be more of a kid than I’ll ever be an adult. Adult stuff can be so tiring…

I agree completely! I don’t want to get my hopes up though for anything (Ana/Melina gave me whiplash, but they’re still interesting), but I do hope for something dark and slow burn.

Iunderstand, being an adult is exhausting and not a lot of fun when it comes to… Bills and such. Ick.

Amen to that, my friend.

Sooo is there anything you absolutely wish her story won’t include? I just hope she won’t be one of those… very big jerks, to put it nicely, that some men tend to be portrayed as in these type of games. From what I’ve heard anyway as I don’t personally romance men. I do love me some dark type character and a bit of protective possessiveness but there’s a limit to everything.

I agree with a limit to everything. I’m okay if she’s the type to get a little jealous and possessive within reason, but too much and it’s annoying. I’ve matched with everyone except Oliver/Stefen because I’m tired of and don’t care for the rich businessman being overly possessive of MC type of plot. The guys I mostly use as diamond mines and only somewhat care about a couple.

I don’t think I have any hard limits? I guess I’m not that into the mind game of trying to flirt with others to make the person you’re actually interested in jealous? Not a hard limit, but a tiring subplot to get through as a reader. What about you? Anything you definitely don’t want to see other than being the overly possessive/jealous/controlling type?

I get an air of calmness and always in control with her. Some power games could be fun if not done over the top.

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Thanks for the heads up as I just might start mining from the guys too!

Honestly? Pretty much same here! I can stomach a lot of stuff even if it makes me emotional at first. Seriously, I don’t call myself angst’s lady(geez this is the second time I’ve had to edit this but surely you know what I mean) for no reason. You could say I even live for the more or less darker stories. I really don’t know why…

Also same! As long as it’s within good taste I’m all here for it. And I also get that vibe from her, like it’s hard to get her angry, or at least to make her show it, but when she does even hell itself freezes over. She also seems the quiet and mysterious type which I like a lot.

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Same! I love the darker stories and I live for angst. I used to do some writing and I love torturing characters. Not for pure shock value though, that’s just pointless and not interesting to read, but I was always like “I love you and that’s why I hurt you” to my characters.

But yeah, I’m pretty open and okay with a lot of things. I guess when things are done solely for a reaction and shock value then it’s tiresome. Like how it’s common to kill the wife/daughter/girlfriend of a male protagonist for the shock value and to make us sympathize with him.

Yes, precisely all that! I really hope she’s released soon, though I have noticed the dev team focusing more on the guys. Probably because of who the main audience is for the game and who people spend more gems on.

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Omg I totally get you! A lot of times if it’s not my own character I want to hurt my faves more or less and there’s just something about it I can’t explain! And I abaolutely agree with “I love you and that’s why I hurt you” thing haha.

Here’s to hoping her route will be as great as she seems already :grin:

Yeah it sucks so I just try to be glad with that at least we do have some women too. Definitely wish we had more - like, dunno, Felicia Fatale - but can’t argue against majority exactly. This has happened with other app too that I play but I’m glad to see they’re upping their game with the female LI’s!

Exactly! It makes their happier moments something more to be cherished…until I hurt then again.

Here’s to hoping (and hoping that she becomes available sooner rather than later)! :clinking_glasses:

Yeah, it’s a very clear trend with choose your story/rp dating apps. I get it, at the end of the day then business is trying to make the most money they can though when there are no female LIs it can be kind of alienating. At least, as you said, there are some here. And I’ve found a couple really good apps with both male and female LIs so it’s for sure something!

Yeah, as annoying as it is, whatever works has to be done in these games whether we like it or not. So let’s enjoy of what we have and keep hoping for more!

Btw, it’s a little scary but funny how similar tastes we have. I wasn’t expecting to connect with someone over a character this fast, especially when this character doesn’t have any content yet. But I’m glad, I don’t know what I would have done if I had been :musical_note: Aaaaall byyyyy myyyyyyseeeEeeelf~ :musical_note: with the Felicia gushing haha.

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Haha you’re most definitely not alone there! Though you are the only other person I’ve seen who’s really interested in her. :open_mouth: It would be just our luck though for our favorite to be someone who isn’t even released yet.

Any other characters you’ve enjoyed a lot who are already released? Any others who aren’t yet released? I’m curious to see where the Cpt. Muffin storyline goes. I liked Vitoria but she’s been away for so long. Though I don’t think there have really been anyone I like as a potential girlfriend than as a good friend for now, as you said. I’m interested to see how the storyline for Julia goes and… I forget her name, but… Fen-something? The Asian girl who likes comics. Kelsey grew on me a little but only in terms of wanting to see if she’s somewhat similar to Kayla/Jasmine but with more of a bite to her.

I remember in WYS, before Lovelink was it’s own app, I matched with the centaur guy, Tiros(?), but never got far. I saw someone’s screenshots of a date with him and had to nope on out of there. :joy:

No one else has really caught my eye, neither from already or yet to be released. Tho I must admit I’m intrigued by Anna Samarine but I haven’t had the luck of coming across her yet. Or I did once but she wasn’t option for me anymore then so I restarted the game(couple of times actually) and now I’m just waiting to find her again. And before you ask I usually go look some things up before I start a game and figure out which LI’s I want to romance if any of them, and that usually determines will I play or not lol. I admit, I’m rather picky :see_no_evil:
I just need to feel a connection/attraction, ya know? Plus I’m ‘‘strategically’’ trying to save up diamonds till Felicia comes along so I’ve been missing a lot of probably important scenes which could help me like the others at least a bit more so… I really hate how we have to be such a jerk sometimes just because we don’t want to pay for an option…

Oh? You have me intrigued, what happened with mr. centaur??

I matched with Ana, and I’m as far as what’s been released so far. It was definitely not what I expected, but it’s been an interesting read. She’s sweet in a very innocent, straightforward way.

I don’t look anything up usually because there’s nothing released as the only people I can ever match with now are whoever is new and gets content with an update so there wouldn’t be any info on them anyway. Though after picking only people I was interested in at first I now match with everyone I can if only for free diamonds whenever I rank up their relationships. That way you can spend some diamonds on other characters you like as well! :ok_hand:

Yeah, the pretty cold/mean dialogue options tend to come up most during a date than when actually chatting with the characters, but sometimes sacrifices must be made. And mostly I don’t typically care that much for about all except 3-4 characters. :woman_shrugging:

As you may know, some characters have days scenes where you hook up with them and it happens with Tiros. It was… something all right. I feel no need to so his storyline again on the Lovelink app personally, but I can see the appeal for others.

I’ve not seen Felitia. Is she a counterpart to Vittoria? I matched with her and she tried to eat me. I mean REALLY eat me, like as in have me for dinner and not in a hot sexual way.

I’ve seen Skye (forget the surname) a few times. She looks like a bodybuilder, but I can’t match with her. Would that be one of the accounts with no content? I’m not matched with any other bodybuilders so assuming she’s not a counterpart to one of my matches.