Datamine and what % are normal scents, metahub?

This is more aimed at the guys from metahub but if anyone else has answers that would be great!

So first of all metahub just released the % chances for the xmas scent. Do they have the % for spawns for common, rare and epic scents?

Also I know on older threads on metahub they done a datamine on spawns for local spawns and nests and then the % chance that a certain dino would spawn.

What are the chances this could be updated for 1.5.32 because as each update comes it seems spawns change and so does the regularity. I also remember ludia once mentioned they changed the spawns for a better all round exp. So I am just curious exactly what and if they have and if they are truly random or on a rotation etc.

Anyways thanks for any and all comments and time spent looking into this.

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As far as I know the rates are unchanged for normal scents as listed in this link.

Epic scent:

Any Common 0.63
Any Rare 0.225
Any Epic 0.14
Any Rare Hybrid 0.003
Any Epic Hybrid 0.0007
Global Common 31.11
Global Rare 11.14
Global Epic 4.24
Global Rare Hybrid 0.14
Global Epic Hybrid 0.035
Local Common 31.11
Local Rare 11.14
Local Epic 9.9
Local Rare Hybrid 0.14
Local Epic Hybrid 0.035

Rare scent:

Any Common 0.73
Any Rare 0.26
Any Epic 0.008
Any Rare Hybrid 0.003
Any Epic Hybrid 0.0008
Global Common 36
Global Rare 12.886
Global Epic 0.25
Global Rare Hybrid 0.16
Global Epic Hybrid 0.04
Local Common 36
Local Rare 12.886
Local Epic 0.57
Local Rare Hybrid 0.16
Local Epic Hybrid 0.04

For the “Scent of Claws” scent they are as follows:

Common : Apatosaurus, Stegosaurus (88.55%)
Rare : Charlie, Delta, Dracorex (10.55%)
Epic : Brachiosaurus, Blue, Sinoceratops (1.01%)

I dont get the 0.xx% yet 1 of the figures is 31.11%

How do you interpret the %

I just feel the % changes as updatds come and go

Those are fractions of a percentage. All those numbers added together should equal 100%.

The problem is that they or whoever want to do this need to run field test to find it out. It’s the only way.
Spawns are decided server side and if ludia wanted they could easily make epic scent spawn global epic with 2% chance on Wednesday night and 3% when the moon is here. we couldn’t find it out.
The awesome job metahub did should show you what you could get but since the percent are so low it’s really hard to tell and check. We have to trust that Ludia doesn’t change rules at will. Do you trust this? It’s up to you