"Datamine" Creature Theory Stats!

This is where you can feel free to post your theory stats about datamine Creature liked Indotaurus, Parasauthops or whatever count as datamine details…Yes you’re home now!
I’ll show mine first!
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You all are welcome here :clap::grin:


I did have a parasauthops idea but para lux has changed will have to wait until the toolbox is updated.


I’m also plan to make a parasauthops theory!
My only problem is i don’t know how much does “Count- Power Heal” actually heal…


Baja’s raid power heal counter does roughly .3 of its attack so could be that maybe

Exactly 33.5577% :rofl::ok_hand:

Why is Rinchicyon sus?

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Read the Creature description :joy::+1:


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More about datamined creature :relaxed:


3 out of 4 classes are wrong the 2nd one is a wild card the 3rd one is a cunning fierce

please no likes

2- cunning-resillient will fit it better, for a cunning + remove speed boost,precise and vulnerable :+1:
3- it’s use it’s Rinchenia looks to hunt the weak Rinchenia! It’s basically “cunning” :+1:
4-Indotaurus show as fierce on the community poll.

No the extending crit strike is a fierce move which makes the 2nd one a wild card and the 3rd is clearly a cunning fierce because it has the new move you created cunning fierce strike and swap in pinning strike

Mortem, Acro, and Allo would like to introduce themselves and their cleansing abilities

Compies and other non resils say hi with taunt moves

Just because a creature had 1 move from another class it doesn’t really always mean it’s part of that class, I would have thought stegoceras was resil cunning but nope


Cleanse not a resilient exclusive move, Extended Critical Strike is only used by Argentinasaur the Resilient, ok I’ll change rinchicyon to Cunning fierce :kissing:

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isnt indotaurus made from indomins rex (first gen)?

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I believe it was gen 2, if u look closely at the indom in the concept art, you can see it has gen 2 colorings I think

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How did you know about Revenge Taunting Cloak??

I make it myself.

Theory? Or just whatever the datamined moves actually are?