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Date of scheduled 1.11 update?

What I want:


Monomimus (give it better stats)
Indoraptor (give it better stats then indo Gen2)
Stygidaryx (kit and stat rework)
Spinotasuchus (give it a better Strike)
Monostegotops (I think we should rework it entirely. Give it decelerating Strike instead of distraction And give it nullifying Distraction. It nullifies and gives a distraction for 2 turns. 1.5x Damage, But a delay and 3 turn Cooldown.)
Stegoceratops (stat change plz)


Dracoceratops (rework entirely, into a mini utarinex)
Procerathomimus (stat nerf)
Indoraptor Gen2 (nerf it’s stats worse then indo g1)
Ardentismaxima (this is inevitable but it will get nerfed)


I agree that the Uniques should get a buff instead of nerfing the Christmas Chicken. Besides the fact that it will make people strive to get uniques, it will better illustrate the difference in classifications. I don’t see a problem with rares, epics, or even commons being good enough to compete in the higher arenas. They take more dna to level up and have a smaller move set, so the stats can be a bit better.

Dracoceratops is just cheap and annoying to use or have used against me. But the Christmas Chicken is fun to go against, because it requires a different strategy to take down than just “deal as much damage as possible and hope that works” Any dino with Cleanse, Immunity, or Nullify are gold counters for it and can give you an edge. Honestly just tired of hearing people complain about a viable dino, just because it is an Epic doesn’t mean it should be crap.


Indo gen 2 shouldn’t never be worst than g1, simply because its harder to level up. But the people still doesn’t get it.


Totally agree about procerath. I like a bit of challenge when facing opponents with her.
I will say a small health nerf due to 75% chance to doge 3 turns in a row, but other than that, i think she’s fine.

I’m expecting it soon. Especially so since 1.10 was a micro update with no assets added. I’d keep eyes out on their Twitter and/or Facebook for teasers.

I’m hoping they’ll compensate the wait for content with more dinos and hybrids than usual, time invested into bug fixes, and Pterosaurs in sanctuaries.

Dracorat’s execution would also be hopeful, but sadly unrealistic.

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I don’t think Ludia will buff those speedsters like Erlidom or Spyx just to keep Procerat as it is now. That wouldn’t make any sense as they would need to buff other dinos too. Procerat is a very OP dino and it shouldn’t have the move set and stats it has now.

Hope they will nerf its HP and attack in the next update.

Ya and indo g2 shouldn’t need a nerf it’s hard to get even with dns out of sanctuary…but that’s the most ppl here allways crying nerf this…nerf that…they shouldn’t just get him instead of crying…


Buff uniques instead of nerfing everything else.

Kind of sad that uniques aren’t really that unique.

I think the devs/Ludia respond more for cries of nerf than buff though.

Indo G2 does not need a nerf, which it will surely get.

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Yes please, these are all cool Dinosaurs that deserve to be stronger. Yes nerf Rat, Procera stats, nerf Thor somehow wether by boost or regular nerf something. Gemini and Ardontismaxima a small ajustment.

Closed as per OP’s request.