"Date Replay" option

So I wanted to suggest a “Date Replay” option/ability. Basically this would allow us to go back and replay dates. Not necessarily to change answers but simply to relive our favorite dates again. I feel this would be a nice feature, especially when our favorite matches are on “break”. :thinking:


Hi there, @PumpkinPatchCat, that’s a great idea! I’m sure many people would appreciate the option - kind of like how you can still access the photo album while matches are on break! We’ll pass the idea along to our developers for consideration. :blush:


I love the idea! I regret not recording video of the first date with Jonathan. :broken_heart: And now he is offline.


I’d love the date replay option , it should be in the match profile , and each date should have a name , to diff them , y’know!


I would love this option, I’ve had some good dates that I wish I could go back and replay.


i’m not sure if you can replay a conversation once you finish that match’s route, i haven’t advanced that far into any of them yet, but i would appreciate being able to replay them. i would like to use my diamonds on matches whose stories’ progression that i like, so i would like to replay and use the diamonds i’ve collected from other matches on options that i couldn’t pick in the first place.

edit: apparently there has already been such a request. apologies if this caused redundancy. its good to see this is in demand, though!


I agree! I would love to replay conversations with some of my favorite matches. Also, I would be curious on their reactions if I said something different. I put a lot of money so I don’t want to cancel and re upload. I would so love a replay conversation option. :smiley: