I have a request/wish to make. Would it be possible to make the last scene on a date be marked somehow. Maybe a pop up to say that this is the end of the date “would you like to end or restart” or the last ‘next’ button to be a different color?
I usually replay the dates if i really like the match and i want to play with the other gem choice. But there has been multiple times where i just end the date accidentally. It’s not always clear that the date is over, at least not to me. Maybe it’s just a me problem.
If we could replay the dates then i guess it would not matter but since we can’t i would like to get everything out of it once i’m playing it.

And i imagine that new players maybe don’t even know that they can replay the date when they close the app mid date. So i guess it would be nice if the end would be marked somehow.

Thank you for hearing me out.


OMG. I hate it so much. :frowning:

Hey @Eda, We appreciate the suggestion and will pass it on to the team! Just for clarification purposes, is this comment due to the lack of a “end date” notification or is there another issue that we may be able to provide assistance with?


Yes, it’s about not having any notification before the date ends. It would be much appreciated if there were some way to know. Whether it’s in a form of a pop-up or a visual marker of some kind on the very last date scene.

Thank you so much for the clarification Eda! We will inform the team and I hope you have a good day!

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Honesty would just be awesome if we could replay the dates, even if we couldn’t re-do choices (though it would be preferable if we could), we can go back on chat but it feels like something is missing since a huge chunk of the stories actually happen in them.

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Agreed. I liked seeing Johnathon come home and would love to re read dates.