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Dawazegopteryx or Thylacolator?

Ever since I unlocked them I was wondering, which one is best on my team. Currently dawazegopteryx is on my team as Thylacolater is 3 levels under my team average

Darwez is really bad, I used it for awhile and it really only just used DoT then died, Thyla can at least tank hits due to swap in Distraction, and deal big damage with Rending Takedown and Lethal Wound.

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Thylo all the way. Not a starter like other bleeds.
Swap in on a big attack to nullify it then bleed and rend


Which do I prefer? Darwrez all the way, which is better? Thylo

Which SHOULD be better? Darwez

No contest Thylacotator.


This is an easy one. Go for thylacotator.


I think thylacotator is amazing to run on a team, it actually can tank hits, and cant be stunned by Thors or rinexes

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Thylacotator all the way.

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Even if Thyla is a lower level, his attacks are based of the opponent’s max HP, so he’s definitely going to do a lot of damage to anything on its path. While on the other hand, Darwezopteryx can only get swapped in, in hopes to do at least a little bit of damage. Also, in gamepress’ tierlist, Thyla is 4 tiers higher than Darwezopteryx. Long story short, Thylacotator is better than Darwezopteryx.

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Thylo no contest it’s bulk and swap in allows it to take on tanks and chompers amazingly and even damage speedsters with bleed plus it can cleanse and dodge

I have swapped in on may rats,Thor’s, and monostego to know once you get that bleed unless the cleanse it game over either form DoT or rending takedown

Not really since although an epic thylo is a super hybrid

But is sarcoxis better than Phorusaura?
Should it be better than Phorusaura?
Sarcoxis is epic and cheaper than Phorusaura which is legendary

Okay that I agree with its way too good even for a super hybrid . The reason I don’t complain about thyla is cause it’s all based on hp and immunity. Plus it has pitiful attack at only 1000, plus it has decent speed 117 not terrible but not to the point where it be op. Sacorixs on the other hand has 1300, sure not much more than thus but it has for some reason a ferocious impact,And heath of 4.2k even though none of it components have above 3.9k then it has two stunning moves and one is 100% guaranteed. And it you put head to head with thyla it wins

That’s just crazy

Thylo relies most either on surviving a hit with prowl or going for wound and then rending if it can’t get rending in it it’s distracted or slowed it can die easily

Although phora has the way to strong instant rampage and sure doesn’t go through armor or shields but who gonna have that up first turn :joy: