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Dawn and dusk went missing?


Yesterday, both me and my friend didnt have dusk.
In stead it changed to night, earlier than expected based on previous timings.
This mornining no dawn…

Surely we cant be the only ones to have this, so whats happening?


I thought I just missed it …


Yeah, I noticed that too… It’s really weird…


Seems to be an error in coding, which leads me to wonder…is Scolo being tournament exclusive 100% confirmed? What if its intended to be dawn and/or dusk active and we are missing out on it till they fix the error? That is, unless they decided to take off dawn and dusk with this update


This leaves Dimorphodon in limbo also.

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Dimorphodon : the forgotten one. No unique, wiped from the surface along with dawn and dusk. Sad


I wish all the “time zones” would go missing. Its the one thing I truely hate about this game above all else.

I suppose most people who have to work all day hate this horrible mechanic as well. At least we get access to Charlie, Delta, Echo and Giraffe at night…oh wait, nobody cares about these, my bad. :expressionless:


Several people have reported seeing Rex at night


Aye. But Rex was a 24/7 global spawn for what, 9 months? How many Kentros do you find at night?

I cant even work on Dracocera or the new iguana because of the day/night cycle, and they are just common dinos. :neutral_face:


Dinos linked to dusk/dawn are missing, so you may be right and that’s why scolo is not in-game.


The game itself isnt even out for 9 months…

But anyway: @Ned @John any answers on this? ^^

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Hey everyone, thanks for bringing this to our attention. Our team was already made aware of this, and they’re currently looking into it.


Um, I care about Giraffatitan… I actually prefer Nodopatotitan’s Long Protection over the Short Defense the other competitive tanks have…


And if you had life obligations at night and were only able to play in the daytime, how would you feel then? Since its a night only spawn and all.

Thanks for proving my point :sunglasses:


Could you make your point in a topic about thát topic and not spam in mine about that? :smiley:


Tss you copied just mine from yesterday :wink:


Yeah, except I’m a huge wuss and don’t go out at night. I’m also rarely ever IN local 4 at night. Also, I wasn’t PROVING your point about time zones. I was DISPROVING your point about Giraffatitan. lol


Not to hijack this topic… but pocemon said in his video scolo is coded as a tournament reward so its not a dusk/dawn not happening thing as far as scolo goes.


Since the down / dusk disappeared for the game in Barcelona there are only 10 hours a day (8 in the morning to 6 in the afternoon) for 14 at night (6 in the afternoon to 8 in the morning) and those 10 hours coinicide with colleges, universities and most jobs. If that happens in Barcelona, ​​in southern Europe, I do not know what can happen in territories further north. Please, make that in old down / dusk is day and not night because really at that time there is light.
On the other hand, for future versions I would like to disappear (or be modified) both the night and the parks. Those of us who live in areas where there are no parks for the game, we are restricted to never see creatures that for others are common. I live in an area full of fields, forests, playgrounds etc but for the game the only park is almost 10 km and it is so small that if I opened a capsule if I move I leave the park. I have a car and I can go out, I also go to Barcelona by public transport, but I know of two young guys from the town who left the game because they never saw a park or three of the four zones and, therefore, could not evolve in the game .

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I’m with Xes on this…having park only spawns can make it really difficult at times to find what I need. Even though I’m in the US, the only two parks (that are actually parks and publicly accessible) within 10 miles of me…one is closed for construction is can drive through the entire park when its open in 2 minutes. The other is slightly larger, but can barely sustain a 5 min scent with moving to get double spawns on the second and third spawns. It’s frustrating to not be able to go out and get dinos that I could use or actually need without spending lots of time in a very small space for things that probably won’t appear.