Dawn off the rajakylosaurus


So guessing later on today when event changes, there is going to be an influx of my fav dino raj in the arena.
So best start lvling the shield breaking and bleed dinos up.
Hoping to get mine to lvl 19/20 today :):heart_eyes:


I’m struggling to level mine to 20, I’ve been Ankylosaurus-banned


Im the same, im one fuse from level 19. And should get the rest of my rajas for 20 tomorrow. Then just have to find ankylos😂


I’ve got way too many Raja from incubators (yes, I’m ashamed of myself for being an idiot :tired_face:), not enough Anky to level or make my Diorajasaur. Need another special event for this alone.


Last anky event I stocked up :slight_smile:


I decided to stock up on Sino instead for that event. Got my Utahsinoraptor from 16 to 20, unlocked Allosinosaurus and saved the rest for Utarinex. Problem is I can’t find enough Dracorex :joy: I really should have gone for Ankylosaurus, Rajakylosaurus is a beast!


I went out to find me rajas… instead i found 6 event spawns with 4 concavenator and two pteradon…