Day 1 of boost shuffle request

A boost shuffle in the near future would be neato


Boost shuffle soon, please



Does anyone know when there is going to be an update/boost reshuffle?

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Probably next update

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No one knows, unfortunately, but it’s likely they’ll add one next Update otherwise there’ll be a massive player uproar.

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Not sure that there will be a reset since Ludia has been sold. Depends on what the new owners decide to do. I certainly would not lay odds on a reset.


BOOST SHUFFLE BOOST SHUFFLE. What do we want a BOOST SHUFFLE when do we want it SOON


There was a huge player uproar when they changed Resilients, 1/4 of the Dino’s in the game, and didn’t offer a shuffle… and Ludia didn’t seem to care. They only want that sweet sweet $$$

It’s been a while since my last post on the forum, and probably no one cares about it. But I’m back to ask for a boost reset. Literally my entire arena team got nerfed, and this probably happened to many other players.

If we buy a car that was sold with 4 tires, and suddenly the company calls us and asks one of the tires back, without giving us a chance to refund the car, what is this? This is exactly what is happening in the game. “We are adjusting some creatures”… While this can be true to a few of them, it is not for most of them. Who asked for a Morty change? The only reason I can think of is: Morty is useful on raids, and people can raid to unlock it, no money needed, and then people use Morty for most other raids.

We are in a scenario where most Apexes are worst than uniques, which is not supposed to happen. “Who said Apexes are meant to be stronger than uniques?” really? We literally started using a team of 4 uniques to beat an Apex that required 300 DNA to unlock it, close to 20 WEEKS to unlock it, considering the 5 first weeks that many got only 10’s and then we were introduced to min 15 DNA.

Some creatures might need some adjustments, but if nobody asked for a creature (that is literally in 90%+ of the teams) change and you implement it, the fair decision would be to give us a chance to consider keeping it on the team or not with a boost reset…


They seem to be coming every 6 months. Please be patient.

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Just keep on pushing dude. Play the game. Who cares is you win win win. You win some and you lose some.

All my boost are in rare and epic creatures for tournaments. Oh yeah guess what? The tournament format changed and now we have a lot of legendary and unique only having a epic and rare in the mix to be destroyed.

I’m still playing and doing what I can. Not as fun as winning but it is what it is. When a boost reset happens I’m not removing any of my boost from those rare and epics because eventually they’ll be solid again for those tournaments. I’ll keep leveling my legendary and unique and apply boost to them as needed.

If you have invested a ton of boost into something then keep using it and be proud of it. It can’t be horrible if it’s fully boosted. You still do some work with it. Every time you invest in boosting its a gamble and we all know this by now.


I had unlocked spinoconstrictor a couple months ago and needed to unboost my alloraptor so I could put the snake on my team. After months of waiting and seeing there will STILL be no boost reset for 2.11 I gave up and just unboosted it. :pensive:

It honestly should be every 1-2 months. Especially with how frequently the game has been updated recently.


Boooooooooost shuffffleeeeeeee! Last one was a hot minute ago

Last boost shuffle was early this year I believe early Spring and would expect one for the next update. At least give us the option to remove boosts off of a dino that stats have changed or even more if it’s moves have.