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Day and night spawns are completely unbalanced

When looking at the time of day meta relevant dinos spawn exclusively or more frequently, daytime far outweighs nighttime. Lets look at the list. (I’m listing dinos that are ingredients to tyrant dinos and the most popular apex dinos. I won’t be listing park spawns because those are an entirely different dumpster fire needing attention)

Epics: Trex(indo, tryko, elridom, indom), Kentrosaurus(tryko), Pyroraptor(magna), Erlikosaurus(erlidom), and Ankylosaurus(tryko, dioraja)

Rares: Trex gen2(tenontorex), Dilophosaurus(dilorach), Tenontosaurus(tenontorex), postosuchus(tryo), and Amargasurus(tragod, giga)

Common: Apatosaurus(stegod), Deinocheirus(dilorach), Draco gen2(spawn of satan), Euoplocephalus(tragod),Allosaurus(thor), and Parasaurolophus (tragod, Tuora)

Epics: :cricket:
Rares: Kaprosuchus(spinotasuchus)
Common: Velociraptor (indo, erlidom, indom), and Tarbosaurus(Thor)

Its probably safe to say most of Ludia’s paying customers work during the day. With a full 8 hour work day and daylight savings, that leaves little to no time to hunt daytime spawns for these players. I can only sacrifice so many lunch breaks until I’ve had enough. Ludia, why would you limit the players with the most disposable income? (If your strategy is to intentionally limit these players so they buy more incubators, that’s pretty despicable).

I realize a lot of people have different schedules and I’m not suggesting we make the daytime spawns trash for the nighttime hunters, but rather make both times of day balanced. Perhaps spawns can switch between the two times of day, every other week? Or time dependent spawns only apply to commons? At the very least, because their spawn rates or so low, epics should spawn 24/7.

In the games current state, if you’re an average responsible adult with a daytime job, progression is far more difficult. This needs to be addressed.

TLDR - A picture is worth a thousand words.



Excellent point @TheFett!
There are so many evenings/nights where I have a little extra time and wouldn’t mind a hunt before bed but I often come home without much to show for it.

I think ludia took steps in the right direction towards mixing up days spawns (yet still far from an official migration) but I do hope They don’t neglect the night owls in this next update

*i may have a biased opinion though just because I have more time to check during the day than at night :sleeping:

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Aren’t Sino and Ourano anytime (and therefore available at night?) Not saying the balance shouldn’t change, but there are 2 relevant epics n available at night.

*I also work during the day and my map is Dawn/ dusk to and from work. I have spent many a lunch break hunting and can’t tell you how many epics I’ve missed out on because I can’t leave. It would be nice to see more balance and more dinos for those that mostly hunt at night.

You are correct, but because my list is of dinos that are exclusive to day/night, 24/7 spawns aren’t listed in either for the sake of redundancy.

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Night hunting used to be a lot of fun. I have cut way back on night hunts since this recent migration. I have about 33k Kapro and more than 100k vraptor DNA. There really isn’t much reason to go out at night except to knock out the remaining strike events. I had to rely on donations to finish off 2 dinos because their spawns changed to daytime only and i could only get a limited amount each day. Sure, there are dinos to grab at night, but i get them during the day too. I don’t even like using scents at night because the selection is much better during the day.


Isn’t Baryonyx & Branchiosaurus also night spawns?

According to Metahubs 1.5 spawn list (where I got everything else as well) Brachiosaurus is daytime and bary is all day.

From personal experience the past few weeks I can confirm this. Brachie used to be night exclusive prior to 1.5, but since has been daytime exclusive. Bary is just everywhere, anytime. He is the uninvited guest that wont go away.

I agree @TheMaxx. I have a strict zero scents at night policy now.


Been making topics about this since september.
1.4 was gonna fix this since days were groing very short already.
or so we thought/hoped.
Same goes for 1.5 and zone 3, but nothing has changed since the july patch, which was 6 months ago…
Daylightwise, things will only improve since christmas again :slight_smile:

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And for people who live at North (for example, St. Petersburg, Russia), night begins at 5pm. I mean in-game night, not even dusk which starts at 3pm.
So there are only few hours of game daytime

Least i have no reason to freeze outside at night during these months

Mine may become the unpopular opinion, but I will elaborate my reasoning…

I think you’re biased: because you cannot play daytime you have come to believe that you would progress faster if you could.

The truth is, daytime doesn’t make such a difference. You’re speaking of:

Well, the fact is that these dinos don’t spawn anyways. No matter that you could play all day around, you wouldn’t see them.

On paper, specially the way you lay it out, your approach supports your conclusions. But truth is that you’re mixing up dinos in different locals as one, thus introducing a lot of bias. Adding the fact that all those dinos ingredients for tyrants don’t spawn in the wild since 1.5, changing the time of the day these buggers spawn will not improve your progress.

I’m saying this as someone who currently can play both, day and night. I find more efficient playing at nights because at least I happen to encounter some useful commons (velo and tarbo) and if I’m very very lucky one or two kaprosuchus. T-rex, for instance, doesn’t spawn in the wild for me since 1.5. I only see it at nests, daytime and night time regardless. I dart one t-rex every two weeks.

Obviously, because you may have a very developed team, your needs and mine will be different and I resign myself to find useful velo and tarbo. This is another point where you’re introducing a lot of bias, you consider game balance from your position of advanced player rather than the overall game balance…

In any case, what I can agree is that we need more spawns in general and we need the ingredients for endgame dinosaurs spawning in the wild more often. As long as this doesn’t change the conclusions you made about day/night unbalance are just fiction, because those dinos do not spawn anyway.

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Agree to disagree. Bias? I’m looking at objective facts man. Just look at the chart. The exclusive daytime dinos far outweigh the nighttime ones. I’m not saying nighttime doesn’t have any value, but if you had to choose which time to hunt, objectively you’re better off spending more time during the day.

I’m comparing night and day as a whole, so why wouldn’t I combine the locals? Again, there’s no bias. Those are ALL of the exclusive dinos during the day, and ALL of the exclusive dinos at night. Its a 1:1 comparison mate.

You claim I’m biased, then turn right around and claim dinos don’t spawn because of your own unsuccessful hunts? Ok. While I agree spawn rates need to be increased, epics do in fact spawn still. Just last Sunday I was able to hunt during the day and can confirm epics do in fact spawn in the wild. I found 4 wild kentros.

Whatever our own hunting goals are is irrelevant. My point is that day time spawns have far more meta relevant dinos than night, and just because you prefer to hunt velo and tarbo doesn’t change that.

I believe this is a liability issue. It is much more dangerous to play this game at night. People walking around parks late at night or much higher risk to get hit by a car. Imagine if something happened to someone and it was on the news that they were out late paying this game.

No it’s not. Anytime dinos count as well. Some of them are very meta-relevant. Leaving them out it looks like the unbalance is higher than it really is. Leaving them out you are getting the numbers that you want to show (nothing spawns at night). You’re showing partial information to achieve a dramatic effect. You get to increase this effect even more when you merge all the locals together (as if everything spawned everywhere during day and nothing at all at night).

I’m not saying the opposite, just that you introduce some bias presenting the facts, as I explained already.
It makes sense that there are more spawns at daytime, since this is when human being tends to be more active as opposed to night when we sleep. We have adult responsibilities that doesn’t let us play as many hours, but that doesn’t mean that the game spawns are so unbalanced. It is what it is, unfortunately.

Now, some tweaks can be introduced to improve the night time playing experience. Simply setting t-rex as “anytime” would help progress a lot.

But leaving out my picky comments about how to present information (I’m not going after you here, promise)…

Firstly, what we need is a dramatic increase of spawn rates and spawn points on the map. 1.5 introduced a decrease of spawns and since them no epics spawn for many people (it’s not just me being unsuccessful every single day, but dozens of posts on this forum stating the same observations).
There will be new dinos introduced with every new update, diluting more and more the current spawn rates. This is unsustainable. Needs to be fixed first thing before releasing 1.6.

That was the main point I was trying to make, if you get me.

If ludia wanted to be fair, which they should be considering we battle each other, all dinos should have the ability spawn anywhere at anytime so everyone has a chance to get them. It is stupid having locals where people without a method of transit may not have access to certain dino’s due to the local they live in. It is also stupid to have some spawn at night and some spawn during the day as some people can only play at one time or the other.


I would have to disagree with this. I like the idea of locals because you know where to hunt for specific dinos. Also makes scents much more useful. If everything was global, then no one would buy scents anymore because you’re even more likely to get trash dinos you don’t want. They should just rotate zones instead. Even changing them every 3 months or so would be helpful. We haven’t really had a true migration and I hope they address this in the next update. I agree we need more night spawns as well as day spawns, but I thinking keeping the zones is best for them and the players.

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You don’t need locals for that. All they need to do is keep the nest points.

Nest points aren’t usually reliable. Plus, I like to walk with my scents to get double spawns. That would require me to hang around a bank or a car repair walking around for 20 minutes and honestly, that would be a little suspicious. I also like to walk around my neighborhood with scents and I work at a college so walking around on campus works great. There are no “nests” in neighborhoods so it would be pointless to use them there. Nest points are just too small to be used for scents and it is nice being able to pinpoint a larger area where I know I can get a specific set of dinos.

I sit in my car around those areas all the time. No one has ever said anything to me. Although I did have the police knock on my window one night when I was doing some battles in a grocery store parking lot and asked me if I was ok…lol…

Anyway, I’m headed to an airport now for deino’s. No one has ever said anything to me there. Have lots of scents to use there for deino and diloph and at a restaurant for trex.