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Day specific spawns

Good idea? Horrible idea? Reserving judgement?

I’m not too sure about it and think my hunting excursions may suffer due to the fact that if I know I won’t find something I’d normally hope to come across, I may just forget it.

The silver lining I’m hoping for is they might release into the wild some things that have been exclusives up to now, even if only one day a week. (diplo, irritator - I’m looking at you).

Made a post about this in there patch note thread. I hope that they planned this right.
If its done right I feel like it could be great. If its odd and strict I could see it ruining some days of hunting. As I always say, these nifty things shouldn’t effect spawns they should be additional spawns.

But we best hold on the judgements till this releases.

Reserving judgement but when I read it, I thought ‘great, they’ll make some Dino’s only possibly show up 4 times a month’.

I think it would be neat if they would have super rare legendary and unique spawns.

Sorry, my Thor got loose. I found it holding up traffic down on the corner.

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