Day summary


simple idea, on the end of the day at 12am, you can acces a page which summarises everything you did that day. DNA collected, gold earned, shots fired, … Would be a neat feature to have!


why at noon? why not at midnight? :wink: whose timezone? :-þ That’s potentially a large data set per user.

What about when the event day starts at 10am EST?


12 pm is midnight no?


No mate, 12pm is noon :joy:


Nice idea, although I think 12am (midnight) might be better.


eh not used to the am-pm thing, I always learned am is in the morning and pm is in the evening


No harm @Viper69
I work with telecomm, and my company works across all timezones. That’s why I use international time 0000 and 1200 are so much clearer.
I’ll even refer in UTC, for simplicity. Right now it’s 2127 and I’m headed home from work.

Time is all relative anyway.


Nice idea I would like this better than writing it down