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Daylight savings adjustment please ⌚

Ludia can you adjust the time already!! why do i have to wait untill 1am to start my daily missions??


Ludia thank you for delaying the time change. I got home at 12:01 and still needed one more mission.

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I agree. I was just about to post this. I’m usually up nights and it’s annoying to have to wait until 1am. I’m sure Ludia’s office computers are running the correct time, why not the game?


if i get the incubator mission, i like to open the 6 hour inc before bed so that i have another one ready when i wake up… waiting till 1 is real inconvenient.


Not sure where Ludia’s servers are located, but not all areas recognize DST. If they are in one of those areas it may be the reason the clock did not change.

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Not all but the majority do. Change it.

The majority of countries in the world do NOT observe DST

I understand what Killa is saying. More than likely the servers are based somewhere in the US. There are only two states in the US that don’t recognize DST; Arizona and Hawaii. It’s not impossible but I doubt the servers are located in either of those states. Ludia’s headquarters are in Montreal, Canada which does recognize DST but I doubt that’s where their servers are actually located and if they were then the computer clocks should have updated.

It’s also possible that because the game is played World Wide, the game clock is based on a “real time” that does not recognize DST. Those of us that are on DST are actually the ones that got out of sync with everybody else that don’t use it.

I’m also completely unsure of how the times are displayed on our devices. Do they receive a “real time” that is then adjusted by the OS if you are in a DST area?

If it’s adjusted for DST users, it will be off for non-DST users, either way it’s going to affect a good portion of the player’s.

Out of curiosity, what time do the supply drops and missions reset for everybody in different time zones?

don’t adjust it.

I leave at 7 to go to my house - takes me 30 mins to get there as a passenger - this gives me an extra hour to max limits than usual where I didn’t usually get as many coins before daylight savings time. limit resets at 7 before daylight savings, 8 after daylight savings. time zone is EST.

If ludia adjusts the time - I’ll go haywire.

be prepared.

Niantac adjusts the time to DST and back again to standard time. It’s a world wide game and does not cause havoc to the game. Gym raids end around 7 PM for safety reasons. The first year of the game they didn’t adjust and the raids ended around 6. They made the adjustment and it runs smoothly now. [No havoc ](http://No havoc )

Night time in the game is now 8 pm and wish it was still 7 only because it is still light out. I really like night hunting, but not night deer hunting with my car lol.

I didn’t realize that it was 8 now. I live in the outer boroughs of nyc and not a lot of gyms or players. I need to go to Manhattan for that

its not adjusted yet. daily missions still start at 1am instead of 12am.