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Daylight Savings Time & Reset

So I’m showing that the Alliance Missions end at 9AM EST, which prior to this morning, would normally be 10AM EST. I just wanted clarification when the new week starts. Will it stay the same, 10AM EST, or now be 9AM EST?

Sorry if this is a stupid question.

I am in Ludia’s time zone. My drops all reset at 7:00 tonight where before the time change, they reset at 8:00. I would think missions would start an hour ‘earlier’ if you set your clocks back.

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If you are somewhere that follows DST, then everything should be an hour earlier than usual. So normally my reset is 7 pm CST for requests and drops and it was at 6pm tonight.

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Yeah, my drops reset an hour earlier today. 30 minutes ago, but I just wanted to confirm what time reset is for Alliance Missions.

I think it’s 9am now.

I almost got messed up when I forgot about DST. The supply drops usually reset at 5pm for me, but now since DST ended, It resets at 4.

Time changed from EDT to EST.

If they stated 9EST, that’s not going to be 10EST

I don’t see it stated anywhere.

They’ll fix their server time tomorrow.

they dont fix it. everything will now be an hour earlier.


Yeah they never fixed it last year…