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"Days of Boostmas" let's write it!

Let’s have a little forum song writing game, I’ll start and feel free to come up with your own lines =)

"On the 1st day of Boostmas, Lydia said to me.
I’ve got a sale for thee!

On the 2nd day of Boostmas a Yoshi came at me
You’ll never hit me said she!

On the 3rd day of Boostmas, a Draco ratted me
Oh wait its Savage-Ery

On the 4th day of Boostmas a God Tier Thor I see
There goes my newest Rate-Ing

On the 5th day of Boostmas a puppet said to me
Shut up, for a Sec-Ind

On the 6th day of Boostmas I max boosted my team
There goes my paycheck, it seems.

On the 7th day of Boostmas matchmaking said to me
Enjoy this fully maxed team!"


On the eighth day of Boostmas, the arena gave to me: a drop of three-hundred trophies.

On the ninth day of Boostmas, I finally did see: who put the “peev” in “PvP.”