Daytime and night spawns not working properly

Well this speaks for itself 7:49 pm.
Erlikosaurus and Delta at the same time.

Sometimes the night creatures spawn as early as 4 pm. Except for that their spawning works pretty well. Rarely see the daytime rare and epic creatures at all.

Sure you don’t have an ATM nest right there, pal?

Well it’s a hospital, so could be one there🤷🏻‍♂️

I have one near the Art College here… but it’s a proximity one.

I thought they spawned at bus stops? When I have found out of place ones previously (including G2 and Drink) they are always bus stops. Unless the corner of my residential street, nearby primary school, or university entrance has a hidden ATM :thinking:

Drink? :sweat_smile: :joy: :beers:
There’s no bus going from this hospital, but a tram though :thinking:

They reworked the nests in 1.11 and GP discovered this with 1.12.
Check out on their page the new nest distribution.

I remember reading this back in the MetaHub days (maybe I’ve been playing too long) but any Epic creature that spawns on the map has a microscopic chance (0.005%) of spawning anywhere at any time, regardless of nearby zones and nests. I’m not sure if this is still in the code, but it’s a possible explanation.

Edit: It’s not in the code anymore, so I guess this is a history lesson now rather than a real explanation.

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Not anymore.

A blanket statement without providing an explanation isn’t helpful. If it’s not true anymore, please share where you learned it. This is the difference between opinion and fact.

It’s not an opinion, it’s a fact.
They took out the chance of it happening like… 3 updates ago?
And I read it in GamePress.
Since I don’t exactly remember the article, go to their discord and ask OrigamiRobot aka the guy that does ALL the datamine articles about % spawns.

But I can assure you the chance to get a outta nowhere spawn it’s not there anymore.


Thank you for the clarification, that’s all I wanted. :slightly_smiling_face:
I must’ve glossed over it when GP wrote about it.

I only ever jump on the Discord when I struggle with a boss strike tower so I wouldn’t have seen it there.

I guess I’ll log my outdated info away into the “back in my day” folder for when I’m an old man in 30 years.