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Daytime hours in different parts of the world and why Ludia needs to act about Arctodus

@Ludia_Developers @E.D

You should probably have noticed that your idea of releasing the bear on the map and the way you did and how you told us about the details was poorly handled, to use kind words.

One thing you forgot while making it a day, dawn, dusk spawn is that different parts of this planet have huge differences in daytime.

For example, the time between sunrise and sunset in central europe is around 8 hours, northern europe only 6 hours. In the US, it is 10 hours in Texas and Arizona. Looking further south, Argentina and Australia have almost 15 hours. That is 2.5 times what northern europe got and a huge advantage in getting Arctodus.

Did you consider this when you decided to not make it an all time spawn? Is that fair in your opinion or just bad luck where people live?

I am happy to hear an answer to this


There is something that you have not named here and that he created that is also decisive for the Bear to appear, it is a winter creature, and not in the whole world right now it is winter, in my area for example right now we are in summer, so That is also a key factor where the Bear could appear more.

Not much difference. Only get one or two a day anyway. Nothing like an actual bear week should do.

Its actually kinda ironic considering Ludia HQ is in Canada. Where most areas only get 8-ish hours of daylight.

Then you’ve got poor Alaska right now where its only daylight for 6-ish hours.

I’ve not seen a single bear yet in the wild and I doubt I will during this entire event, the spawn is way too low.


You get to win speed ties, we get more hours of bear😎

Ludia: Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.


Yeah I was about to say, Poor Alaska got times in winter where there’s no sunlight, so that makes traveling and adventuring dangerous and inconvenient.

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I don’t know if anyone else had this case and I have no solid proof (forgot to take a screenshot) but I swear the first time I saw a bear spawn was a few minutes past midnight eastern time. And that was before the thread was edited to clarify bear is a day only spawn (I think it took less than a day for us to get bamboozled). Right now bear only spawns during day like everyone else but I’m curious on why my 1st bear spawn was during the dead of night. And no I was using a giga that moment not a scent of claws

@E.D do topics like this one keep being ignored by ludia until the community update? Thought we were promised better communication by their side…

Your big spending, day 1 player and amber club member happy to be ignored with a big community affecting topic…


@E.D y’all still on vacation or is this too much of an issue so it remains being ignored?


I’ve seen one wild bear since this event started. One. And I play for hours every day… they’re just not in the nine hours of daylight my province gets right now.


Not as bad here but I have seen less than 10 for sure during the “event”…