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DBI counter did not reset at Midnight

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Bug Description: Timer for Daily Battle Incubator (DBI) did not reset at Midnight Local Time with the Daily Missions.

Area is was found in: (not location specific)

How do you reproduce the bug: (not caused by player action)

I woke up this morning at 5:30am local time and immediately went to the battle page to get some incubators in the arena. I lost three in a row but still got a few kills. I finally won and received a three hour incubator. I believe I got a total of six kills in the four battles.

I then glanced up at the DBI counter and it said that it didn’t reset for another 9 hours and 25 minutes.

This will likely prevent me from completing my daily missions, since one of them is to obtain the DBI.
I will not be able to BEGIN to acquire the DBI until 3:11pm local time. Before I go to bed tonight, I would need 10 kills to achieve my daily mission.

How often does it happen:
It had never happened before last night.

What type of device are you using:
Apple iPhone 8

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)
I don’t know if this was a glitch on my account or if it was a server-side change which broke the reset, but it is definitely not operating as expected. You can’t give a daily mission to complete a task and then only give me a small window to complete it in.

Did you open more than 1 DBI in the past day? If you don’t do them for 2 days in a row and then op 3 in one day, the next day it needs to “catch up”. It takes about 2 days for it to reset to the usual time. I don’t have calculations for this though, but it’s sometimes around 10 hours further.
I notice this every Monday because I wait with them for the new weekly mission start.

Dbi resets 21 hours after completion, not at a set time every day


I knew it wasn’t a set time and moves around throughout the week but didn’t appreciate it was 21 hours from completion - thank you @Dankysaurus! I have had the same problem as the OP where you end up with a very narrow window to complete your dailies - thankfully it doesn’t happen very often.

Oh that makes even more sense :wink: I’m usually a day behind so I don’t notice that.

If you are really diligent, and time it just right, you can get an 8th DBI each week. I’ve done that a few times, but it requires being up in the middle of the night for a couple nights.


Oh wow, never considered this. I thought it was just 1 per day, with the ability to catch up 2 days behind. Don’t give me any ideas, I like my sleep!


:eyes: like I need something else to be OCD about …

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I complete the DBI every single day without fail.

I have played this game for over six months and I am amazed that I’ve never encountered this before. By blind chance, I must have always finished my DBI early enough in the morning that it is reset by the time I am able to battle the next day.

I guess I’ll have to get all 10 kills today just as soon as it resets to try to push the reset earlier and earlier so that it works with my schedule again. So weird!

Thanks for the info!


It’s not something I discovered personally tbh. I just remember a member of AP commenting this a while back during a discussion on the legitimacy of the amount of boosts someone had. AP mentioned he sets a timer for 21 hours after completing his DBI to get the next one as quickly as possible, maximizing his boost collection.

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Here’s what I found upon looking at it closer.

The 21 hour reset timer begins when you get your FIRST kill applied to the DBI counter, not when you complete the DBI challenge. This explains why I never saw this issue before. In the six months prior to this, I ALWAYS got at least one kill in early in the morning, right after I woke up… and usually more than that. In this case, I did not have a chance to play at all in the early morning, and didn’t get to START my DBI kills until early evening.

And now you know the REST of the story…


Thanks for the info!

I’ve run into it before. Forgot I still had to complete a DBI for the daily reward for completing all missions. In the last hour before dailies reset I completed the DBI just minutes before the daily mission reset at 1:00AM. The next day I had the DBI mission again but had to wait until almost 10:00PM before I could do it.

It’s good to stay a day behind so if you have 9 out or 10 take downs and you then win, you’ll have 2 take downs towards the next day’s DBI. Then if you want to turn in 2 in one day to help finish up alliance DBI’s you can and then go a day without when the week end comes so you get that day behind thing going again.

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