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DC is more annoying than ever

Now that the speedsters don’t have as much HP as before, I’m getting over-levelled DCs one shotting them. Ludia, seriously what does it take to get rid of that stupid friggin move.


Was to be expected from a dino that only requires boosts on two instead of threee areas. This new boost system will have people rage quit more over DCs than before.

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Boost your speedsters’ HP above the average damage of the rats SIA

With the amount of health boosts it gave me, I barely have enough to boost Erlidom and Spyx to DC-safe levels.

Start working towards that then… In the long run, it will not be as strong as it was. It will either do less damage or be easier to kill… But yeah, until then, it will suck

I would like to see evidence of this please.

Boosts have very little impact now

Yeah screw that, I just had a DC with 4000+ HP and 2000+ damage 3-0 me by just swapping in and out.


I was actually considering removing my 30 Thor and Tenonto for awhile. That can’t happen yet :confused: