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DC Nerf/Hybrid, Swap in Stuns and Pachy Family Ideas

In wake of the Ceratopsian overhaul it got me thinking about another set of dinos, one little rat in particular too… you know who. I always saw the Pachys as the herbivore counterpart to raptors. Fast like a raptor, less damage than a raptor, but more stubborn and fits a different role. With the introduction of Swap In Headbutt, it gave me more ideas as to the Swap in Stuns as a whole.

Swap in Stun reworks:

  • Swap In Stun: 100% stun, 1 turn lock
  • Swap In Headbutt: 75% stun, 0.5 AP damage, 1 turn lock
  • Swap In Stunning Strike: 66.6% stun, 1x AP damage, 2 turn lock

Each iteration has inverse relations between their stun chances and damage. Swap In Stun has no damage but is consistent. As the damage goes up, the stun chance goes down; with a turn 2 lock at 1x damage.

Pachy Family/DC Overhaul:
I think of Shielding Strike as them pulling their heads down to attack and stay in a defensive stance. Being small and skittish, they tend to have Run moves. The rarer breeds have a bit more aggression and reaction with Instant Charge. The Draco side’s heads don’t seem as refined, and in flavor with DC, Minimal Speedup Strike would synergize. This and giving them all Swap In Headbutt would give them a more unique niche like the Ceratopsians. In order of rarity:

Stygimoloch Gen 2: 3050 HP - 1300 ATK - 128 SPD

  • Shielding Strike
  • Impact and Run
  • Swap In Headbutt

Dracorex Gen 2: 2800 HP - 1200 ATK - 120 SPD

  • Minimal Speedup Strike
  • Rampage and Run
  • Swap In Headbutt

Dracorex: 2800 HP - 1250 ATK - 122 SPD

  • Minimal Speedup Strike
  • Rampage and Run
  • Instant Charge
  • Swap In Headbutt

Stygimoloch: 3050 HP - 1350 ATK - 129 SPD

  • Shielding Strike
  • Impact and Run
  • Instant Charge
  • Swap In Headbutt

Pachycephalosaurus: 4050 HP - 1200 DMG - 121 SPD

  • Shielding Strike
  • Decelerating Impact
  • Rampage and Run
  • Swap In Headbutt

Dracoceratops (AKA: The Rat): 3150 HP - 1200 DMG - 119 SPD - 10% AR

  • Minimal Speedup Strike
  • Rampage
  • Rampage and Run
  • Dig In
  • Swap In Stunning Strike

Behold! The new and balanced Dracoceratops! The Pachy that is trying to be a Trike! It gets the Trike G2 swap in move with Dig In that was repressed from said parent. It can stay in to deal more damage with Rampage or it can Dig in and get ready for a feisty exit. All under a reasonable 1200 ATK… Now as for a hybrid…

Dracodeltas: 2725 HP - 1200 ATK - 130 SPD - 10% AR
DC Lv20 + Delta Lv20

  • Minimal Speedup Strike (DC)
  • Distracting Strike (… Balance… Idk, maybe it saves all its energy for the swap in)
  • Acute Stun (Stun of Swap in SS)
  • Regenerate and Run (Heal of Dig In and Run of Impact and Run)
  • Swap In Rampage (Swap In SS -> <-Rampage)

Delta is described as a problem solver and quite intelligent. This moveset is meant to reflect that. Whereas DC does some damage and utility on the way in and can stay to fight a bit; this dino does all its damage going in and less going out, focusing on a swift getaway.The extra speed and swap in power comes with a more frail Raptor frame. Distracting Strike’s debuff lasts 2 turns meaning it will last til Regen and Run, making it a decent lead dino! However, there are a fair amount of top tier dinos that can shrug off and outright cancel these moves.(Ex: Superiority Strike puts it in a position where they can either Regen and Run into a potentially nasty attack, or die due to its frail health.) Team coordination, proper target choice and timing is key to master this dino without it or your allies suffering the consequences.

EDIT: I tweaked some stats to better show DC’s Trike ancestry. Stygis have Shielding Strike, higher health and speed so they’re fine.

EDIT: @DinoMaster3000 came up with a rather cool Unique hybrid idea I had to put here since it seems a bit less… crazy, than mine. Here it is with some of my stat tweaks. Credit goes all to them!

Baryodracon: 3900 HP - 1240 ATK - 124 SPD - 10% CRT
DC + Baryonyx

  • Decelerating Strike (Trike G2)
  • Mutual Fury (Minimal Speedup -> <- RtC)
  • APR (Bary with some reduction, after some thinking I decided counter by Shields was a good call)
  • Acute Stun (Stun of Swap In SS)
  • Swap In Rampage

I was thinking the other day about how SI stunning strike and dig in suit DC perfectly, considering it’s triceratops ancestry. But alas.

Just kill that Delta hybrid and I’m on board.

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Yeah, I might’ve gone a bit overboard with the Delta hybrid lol. Some sort of unique is gonna come along at some point though. That we can bet on… *shudders.

I love the rework of the SIAs and DC, but I think you went a bit overboard when nerfing some of those dino’s stats. Ceratopsians were nerfed too hard imo(though I like the new move for them), but they have way more health than the pachy family, all of them got armor too. For the Pachy family to be balanced with those new moves all they need is a slight damage nerf. DC too could have mantained the current damage as it no longer would have swap in rampage. I would even put some armor and a littlle bit more hp with this new moveset. Even then it won’t be a strong legendary, but al least the strength would make sense with the rarity logic.

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Yeah some of those Ceratopsians could use a little more attack (RIP Monostego) but their bulk and such is fine. When I compare Trikes with Pachys; I see the Trikes as the ones that Dig In and stick around to fight after charging in to slow and stun, while Pachys don’t deal a ton going in but they deal more on the way out and are faster with a quick on demand stun on some. New DC gets the best of both! Some of those attack nerfs are to compensate for the extra damage on swap in. Maybe a bit more HP wouldn’t hurt.

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Ah yes, I understand it is a compensation for the swap in damage but I think 1300-1400 damage would be ok for stygi for exemple, and I would let the hp as it was, but anyways, great job with the overhaul, you have good ideas :grinning:

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That delta hybrid is insane lol but I agree with your ideas about the pachy family. I also agree with @Isaah_Wii about the stats.

I much prefer your Rat redo, it makes way more sense. I do think it could have somewhat higher attack but that’s an excellent take on it.

If I could create its unique that was allowed a swap in rampage I’d do something like this:

Baryodracon (Draconyx is already a real dinosaur)

Decelerating Strike (Trike2)
Mutual Fury (Minimal speedup+RtC)
Armor Piercing Rampage (Baryonyx boost)
Acute Stun (Dracorat)
Swap in Rampage (Draco2)

3050 HP
1240 Attack
110 Speed
10% Critical
0% Armor

I think at least as a Unique it could be allowed a move set like this. It requires more work than just 2 commons that are beyond common.


You know, Baryonyx doesn’t have a unique. I think I like your idea a lot more! Way more, actually! I think you can be more generous with the HP and Speed though. Maybe Bary’s 3900 HP and 124 Speed? It doesn’t have any way of cleansing besides Mutual Fury with no Heal. DSR would probably be fine too since once you use Mutual Fury you’re committed; or the dino you swap into takes 50% more damage. Tryo, its Legendary counterpart also has DSR and way more boost power with 20% Crit. But this thing after a Speed Boost is faster than everything that doesn’t have one, so that and the SIR compensate nicely. I think I’m gonna add your idea to my post and credit you, it’s pretty cool! 20% Crit on a SIR could be stupid broken so 10% is a happy medium.

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I like those tweaks to my idea :+1: good calls!

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Just erase the rat from the game pretend it never existed. Fire the people who made it and reward us for having to put up with it all this time.


For the Dracoceratops I think a swap in headbutt would be of great utility for it. It does not one shot dinos and it only stuns them. I think this would be a greater and more balanced idea.

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Really interesting ideas. I especially like the SIA overhauls where the damage and stun chances are balanced. I know a lot of people think SI-stun deserves to be 100%.

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