DC on steroid

If you decide to matchmaking me with this level 30 rat on steroid might as well put a surrender button ludia!


lol thats incredible. I encountered this the other day


Wew…that some serious steriod. Im going to have nightmare if keep on facing this kind of rat

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And Ludia look on and think “ well that worked out well “ .
What an absolute joke this game has become with matchmaking throwing up these kind of op dinos .
Would anyone from Ludia like to comment on whether this was the intention of boosts ?

Yikes! :grimacing: I think I would have curled up in a corner somewhere if I had to face this.

I miss the days where I could bring a half dead dinosaur back out without worrying about whether or not my opponent has a dc


I recognize that guy! Hate when I play him since there’s basically no way to prevent him from swapping back in again!! :angry:

I boosted my spino enough to one shot most monster DCs. I do a little over 4k damage IF it gives me my critical. Also if they decide to rampage you instead of stun or cleanse then you can bleed them the next turn and they usually end up bleeding out.

Not a perfect DC counter but its what I’m working with at the moment. :joy:

I boosted my Erlidom to do 4500 guaranteed and I STILL can’t one shot some of them!

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Yeah some are just ridiculous. No way to kill before they swap out. Its a broken dinosaur

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I’m seeing a lot of wasted speed boosts.
I wouldn’t speed boost him except maybe T1 to give him priority over another Draco.
It’s slower than half my dinos and can’t one shot any of my dinos outside of a crit.
That health though. I’m not running any lockdowns so if I don’t crit it could get dicey, but since that’s where all his boosts are, go all out and sacrifice to kill it and he should Domino. (Sounds good on paper anyway. LOL)

I got no answer to that one.
That Draco outspeeds everything I got and although can’t one shot anyone, everything would be half dead. That one would likely wipe me. Immunes maybe?

By far this the highest rat i face…ludia just need to rework boost damage and health for this rat(nerf). With that high health and 50% regen you could basically play swap and back it up with a tank to win…that just plain rediculous