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DC Tournament bug

Anyone else notice that when you swap your DC and your opponent swaps in at the same time, DC isn’t pinned to two moves?

If it gets stunned by something, its SIA won’t go off so it isn’t locked down. Other than that, the non lock down could cause some problems.

That makes sense. I can’t remember if my DC was stunned or not but in one instance it did drop the rampage and I was able to yank it right back out.

Yes, but it’s good because it deserves it.

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What’s good because it deserves it Martian?

I meant dracoceratops deserves to get locked for another turn, Lol.

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Actually, this thread is about the opposite case :joy::wink:

Couldn’t agree more :rofl:

If you both swap in a Rat then that is an infestation, the match needs to be canceled and an exterminator needs to be called.


Bring on the nightmare chickens!

Can we have tournaments where the Rat and DracoG2 are banned?

Actually all tournaments should ban these creatures.

Correction - these 2 creatures should be totally banned from JWA.