DC vs Erildominus

Alright ludia, after getting my erlidom killed 100%-0% by DC, something needs to change. Either buff erlidom health or nerf DC to the ground because I’m sick and tired of this happening every time I deploy him.

Bottom line, nerf DC. The game would be So much more enjoyable without DC! Hope others agree!



And matchmaking placing level 29s against 21’s



That DC is soooooo high level compared to your Erlidom, another example of matchmaking doing its job :sweat_smile:


Though to be fair even a level 23 I think could one shot it with its health. Im assuming its not boosted or not much?

My Erildominus was created just a few days ago, and I don’t have a lot of stat boost for him yet. Still this proves how broken DC is. I think Im gonna annoy the crap out of ludia until they nerf DC

I met the same situation yesterday, my lvl 26 erlidom has 41… Health, got onehsot by lvl 30 DC with 42xx damage.

Wait till you spend all year unlocking magna. This becomes the norm my friend.


at least matchmaking give you the place you deserve instead of 1.7!

That depends on his rating, he might not be one of the lower levelled teams that climbed into the top 500.
And considering he only just unlocked Erlidom and its barely boosted, im assuming he isn’t one.

This happened around 4480 where I just fell from aviary. I’m no where near top 500 lol

Your Erlidom will be killing Magna in just as unfair a way.

Ludia need to change matchmaking. A level 29 ledgendary easily killing a level 21 unique is what happens. Making it the other way round would actually be a problem.

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I always hold off bringing my Erlidom out until towards the end. Like today for example, I was winning at 2-1. Opponent swaps in Draco to kill me, making it 2-2. Draco has 2900 odd health, my Erlidom has 1599 attack. BAM I win.


Magna is so op at decent lvls as soon as I see him dc is out or he is diffcult to stop. Dc has to come out against Wru as if you get cloak on and survive it one hits most dinos


Ah so it’s Magna that’s op ? A really difficult to create unique that had 600 hp nerfed in 1.8 …
And the rat - the simplest legendary to create from the abundance of 2 commons - isn’t ?
Just remind me of the other dinos in the game that can swap in with over 4000 damage destroying any decent level Erlidom , Magna , Dilora , Erliko etc…


nobody cares about being unique hard to make or not.
It just bring rarity in the arena,nothing else
Fact in 1.7,magna was simply the best creatures of the whole game,so it indeed needed a nerf

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An interesting observation , which is clearly but sadly true .

I agree with one fact,draco need something to know the opponent have a draco so it can be counter by a swap in.
Either you will have forever to bait opponent with a magna or eli and “pray” opponent to swap in draco,and if he don’t you are screw

Ermmm… Erlidom can’t one shot a magna without alot of boost. Even if erlidom could, at least the magna could swap out to another dino to counter erlidom. Here I deployed erlidom and nothing could be done to stop this. To me, simply swapping in another Dino and doing almost 4k dmg with virtually no counter is messed up and is not fun or balanced. Matchmaking is messed up right now

I try to hold on to erlidom until they either use him or pray they didn’t draw DC

Spot on! There is no logic in what Ludia is doing now. Why should players work hard on those unique dinos when they can be easily destroyed by another dino that is easy to unlock and level up and ONLY legendary?

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