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De-rankers, stop de-ranking its unfair

So a friend just sent me a screenshot, of a clear de-ranker, with a level 30 rex, with upped attack aginst his team of only level 15 dinos.
Stop being unfair in the game and derankijng yourself just to get easyer targets to fight, it is the reason i dont play pvp to much, to avoid situations like this. play the game fairly or not at all!
And staff, can you please make some kind of way to report people doing this? i looked for a good 10 min trying to find a way to do so with no luck.

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  1. Your friend’s team is significantly boosted. The reason why he/she being matched with a higher level team;
  2. Your friend is currently at an arena which has become too competitive for him/her relative to his/her team.

Caveat emptor:- Unless if you’re being matched with some L30 or Uniques in Badlands, or Ruins, then, most likely they are droppers. I’m seeing loads of Uniques from Marshes onwards.

They tried to fix problem with deranking few patches ago and they messed up arena completely.
If this is not happening too often, then just accept defeat and move on. It’s basically the same if you lose from similar levels overboosted team or deranker that has his best team up.


Deranking in 1.6 and before was unethical. 1.7 to 1.9 was accidental. 1.10 is normal. Why wait 2 mins for a battle when you can get 30s a battle by deranking and maybe get a few easy battles.


They need to fix matchmaking, not penalize arena droppers.

I was in upper Aviary / low Library, stagnant for months and couldn’t move. Very frustrating, every match was either me getting crushed with overwhelming force, or me crushing a competitor who was no match for my team, with very few “fair” match-ups in between.

Got tired of continual losses. Dropped two arenas. Sorry, but not sorry. Now I’m back at upper Aviary and nearing that same frustration factor as before.

Arena droppers aren’t the problem, they are an indication of a bigger problem which is broken matchmaking, maybe just not enough opponents… an indication that too many have left the game because of broken matchmaking/ignoring the player base.


This is so easy to fix I can’t believe it hasn’t been done yet. Just put a level restriction on the arenas. If you drop that’s fine but don’t expect to use your level 30 to climb back up. You must use level appropriate dino’s. Simple. If you don’t have any low level dino’s then you can’t drop. This is the 21st century. I think we have the technology to put these guards in place.


That could actually help and be a hindrance at the same time. If someone gets a bad loosing streak, they can drop an arena or two. What happens when that player can no longer climb back up if they don’t have arena level dinos for whatever reason?

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C’mom Qiew…Throw me a bone here. Lol…You want me to fix everything? Ok so the fix for that would be to make it to where you could de-evolve your dino if you had to. Some people have so much DNA it wouldn’t be hard to use it to evolve it again. Just don’t de-evolve something that’s hard to get DNA for. I mean Ludia did it with boosts so why not DNA?

That seems like a good idea on paper but it simply won’t work. Say I’m in library and I get a very bad losing streak and get kicked down to aviary, where the level cap is, let’s say 26. Now I can’t use my level 27+ dinos to climb out back to where I’m supposed to be, knocking other people down in the process. It’s just a recipe for disaster imo.

You must de-evolve them to 26.

That also just isn’t a good idea to me. What if your fuse luck is bad and you don’t get to level your dino again? Now you’re jibbed out of a level all because of a little bit of bad luck in an already RNG heavy arena. Even if that wasn’t an issue, when your dinos are now lowered leveled, you have potential to be knocked even lower, causing more frustration and forced delevels.

I’d much rather just have the current system. Derankers are pretty few and far between anyway.

there is a way to do it, but a lot of coding for various situations would have to be done. Do you really trust ludia to make it work correctly? as for the devolving thing, getting half dna back on a hard to level dino is not a good system. Boost levels would also need to be taken into consideration. would you loose the level and get half back or would there be some other mechanism?
Not saying it can’t work, but there are so many questions.

That’s not an option at all. Aviary and Library are open arenas where you can find creatures from lvl 20 - lvl 30. It’s impossible to put restriction. People play differently, improve their team differently. Boosts play important role too. Boosted team average lvl 22, can win against unboosted average lvl 26 team.
On paper idea is great and easy to implement, but not in reality.

EDIT: They made matchmaking that you could battle only similar lvl teams. We all know how that ended.

I get it is not an option. However, as an old arena dropper (not anymore) it stinks as an opponent to face an over leveled team in the Nublar Jungle.

And trust me it happens.

It stinks in all arenas to face overleveled team. Library is so mixed that sometimes get drawn with teams that are barely above unique base lvl with my team that includes lvl 29, 28, 27, 27, 26, 25, 24 and 23 dinos. So even if they have boosted team it stinks for them to face my team and I’m not a dropper.

As pointed out above, it is not always folks dropping for easier incubators. My high score (what shows) is 5071. The trophy count I should be at for my team/skill level is 4800. I find myself at 4600 due to being matched at the high end of my MM ‘score’ yesterday. I simply was pummeled down trying to get my DBI. The teams were several levels higher, and boosted, which I am not.

Today I have been matched with users at the low end of my MM score. I am several levels higher than they are. The matches are really not fair, at all. I am sure they are looking, seeing my ‘score’ of 5071 and cursing at me for dropping.

There is not much I can do except keep battling until I gain those trophies back and land around 4800 again. Then, wash, rinse, repeat.

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Lockwood mansion is quite full of droppers.
I fight 1 on 5 battles against opponents of almost my level, the others are always against much higher level dinos.
And I’m almost unboosted.
And opponents have different nicks but all the same dinos, you can even foretell which one is coming because they have absolutely all the same dinos, same level too.
And you see they’re droppers because some of them start to switch dinos randomly to lose on purpose.
They can easily crush me but no, they want to lose and go down, down, maybe even back to arena 1 where they can finally find the easiest victories.

I don’t think there is a real solution to the issue, but one thing I know is: I would reeaally appreciate the “find it funny? play alone, then” button (in other words, a withdraw and give forfeit option).
We all win: you dropper have the easy victory you are searching for, I avoid wasting 5 minutes of my life.

Sorry for the disillusioned tones, I come straight from 7-8 consecutive defeats against such people.
I never play in the evening, because it’s when droppers are more active, but daily missions required extra battles.
(yes, they really play more in the evening, I’m serious. :sweat_smile:)

My 2 cents, as usual.


Nail head.


DragonHunter hitting the nail head with a hammer.

If the average time of someone playing is shifting between a fight they cannot lose to a fight they cannot win with a hope and glimmer in between of getting a fair fight, the system is to blame.

I refuse to sit in that window. If you go battle right now, nonstop, you will reach your ceiling. In that ceiling, you will find the exact scenario DragonHunter is describing. Playing within that window is both aggravating and insanity. I would rather lose 10 on purpose and then win 10 than sit in that window of win 1 / lose 1.

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The easiest solution is to set dino stats to the level of the arena max if dino is overleveled. League of wonderlands does this and it absolutely works.

If i drop down to arena 5 and the level cap is level 7 my level 9 card will have the stats of a level 7…ni can still level it as well. But its gonna keep those level 7 stats till i advance in arenas.

Yes Ludia will have to sit down and create some lower then creation stats for most hybrids but that would have been time well spent months ago… imagine the impact the st pattys day event would have had if all those thors,trykos, erlis, indos that were level 21 on teams of 15s… would have had the stats of 15s . Still worth a team spot… but not a i win 3-0 team spot.

And for those that like to drop so they can play different things… this still allows that.

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