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De-ranking - is it worth it?

We are coming to the end of the inaugural rush event. I must say that this event by Ludia is awesome, a huge salute to the dedicated players that put in the hours - what’s more is that it is FREE!! I have quite enjoyed the activity in the arena.

As always there is a huge selection of people complaining. This time it is about people dropping arenas. Although on the grand scheme of things it really does not effect anyone for more than 2 minutes, it does seem to have been the latest wave of complaints.

Unlike the DC and D2 bandwagons is joining them really anymore beneficial than just battling at your rank?

The simple answer is NO! Because in this game we all reach plateaus where specific dinos and dino levels cause your process to stutter. We all have those times that we get stuck at a level or arena until we unlock the next dino (Dilo, Trko, Erli or Magna) and are then able to push through that limit.

This means we will always hover - RNG dependent - +/- 300 trophies of this limit. so in this rush de-ranking 3000 trophies giving you 100 points, to come back again giving you another 200 points to leave you in the status quo that you was before. In this de-rank you fail to look at 2 other factors - coins and incubators. the lower level incubators are much lower in rewards and the coin rewards go down to 100 coins for the lowest arenas.

On Saturday I de-ranked from 5000 trophies to 1002 - it became hard to lose and took so much time to lose as the opponent was taking too little damage from my dinos. Then coming back up - I managed to earn 4 incubators - with a majority of Miragaia - and earned 26,940 coins in levelling back up.

On Sunday I maintained my rank and battled this was simple as I was at my plateau, I won as many battles as I lost over the course of the day. I completed the same amount of battles but made 49,460 coins as the rewards are much higher. the wins and losses balanced and the time per battle was much the same and SO MUCH MORE ENJOYABLE. In the end I still earned the 300 points for the rush, but I was rewarded with much more than that.

So in conclusion, de-ranking only effects the person dropping by giving them less resources for their effort. The people they face only have a 1 minute annoyance, but ultimately they can laugh the the person dropping is losing a lot more in the process than this little blip you are facing.

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well done, glad you DID comment, wouldn’t know how much of a tough guy you are if you didn’t.

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I don’t understand the point of this topic? What are you trying to achieve??

Because if you want to prove it’s not worth it you make too many shortcuts…
Quick example :

While it’s true that you get less coins and less dna you forget a lot of parameters.
First, the difference is not that great between arenas.
Second, there could even be a bonus for some dna (hello irritator)
Third, you take less time to win matchs, less time to get matched and can put a 100% win record. So you are going to open way more incubator speeding them. In the end, more coins AND more dna.
Fourth, a win earns you coins. 360 a win is no joke and ofc if you win faster and almost all the time it really helps to collect more coins than if you lose half your long match.

So again, I don’t know what you are trying to check but make sure you are using the correct information


hey Quakeur - as we have discussed in the alliance chat, dropping rank does not give you more irritator DNA, I have a sample size of over 50 incubators and the amount if irritator was irrelevant in the arena 5 compared with what you get in arena 10.

I mentioned that in the lower arenas, even trying to lose, it takes longer for matches as the damage is so bad, so my level 1 dinos was still surviving 3-5 moves against opponents, meaning I was actually much quicker in the 3-5000 trophy range than in the lower arenas.

your next point, I covered with maintaining Vs de-ranking. you get the same amount of points for doing 300 battles staying in 1 place vs dropping and moving back to where you started. the net gain is going to be 0, with a 300 points count to show for your efforts. The time to do the whole 300 battles remains about the same (top 500 ranked places exempt as the wait for battles in longer) but the coins are much greater and the incubators give you more DNA so its actually a better win by maintaining your rank and battling hard.

Plus if you look at Apex who are in 2nd place where all but 1 maintained vs other alliances who have notably de-ranked, there is only 1 who did a lot better with this strategy - and the volume was very impressive. it shown on a whole that the de-ranking strategy for this was largely a gimmick, rather than actually benefitting the rush numbers, and even cost the player who de-ranked unto 50% of the coins they would have earned in the same effort was applied.


This is heating up quickly…
So, in my opinion, deranking is and isnt worth it.
Some people de-rank to beat noobs.
Others de-rank simply to get the DNA they need.
If they need irritator DNA, then they sure as heck will drop arenas to get it.
That’s just my input though :slightly_smiling_face:

Aha didn’t see it was you :joy:

Deranking is useless imo even if there are some benefits. I just wanted to make some points clear

I agree with this and I would add it gives also bad reputation to them as an added bonus :unamused:

Honestly I think ludia should cut a lot more rewards for this.
You win against opponent at same trophy range but with team way stronger? Only 1 trophy for your win and one less for your opponent. This way, good luck to come back and rank back in the leaderboard :wave:

Not counting cutting dna and coins rewards the same way.


Before i say this, let me say i dont neccesarily condone dropping, our members didnt do it, and were still top 5 so…

While dropping is frowned upon, and i dont support it, it is their style of gameplay and to each their own i suppose.

But also, lets say for instance the reward for 1-5 was 10k trex dna. I GUARANTEE all these morals and worries of being shamed for dropping ur entire alliance would be out the window, because everyone would have done it.

So just to hate on this alliance for dropping seems a bit odd, because if under different circumstances 99% of us would have done it too

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Little wordy :sweat_smile: sorry for my rant lol

False. Our alliance would be the 1% at least. We discussed it and would never stoop so low as to using these tactics no matter what the reward. And I know of several other high level alliances who wouldn’t either.


Aha that’s a good question indeed.
But honestly if it was for an actual reward I just think we would battle twice as much and still be well ranked.
And if everyone is deranking we would get 3 points each match instead of 2 I take it :joy:

I would not brag about crushing new players for sure. Only the sadness to frustrate starting players.
I’d rather lose a tournament than causing a player to quit. The game health is not about me winning a tournament, it’s about players playing the game and enjoying it.
Just hope that Ludia will recognize they did a mistake and correct it for the next rush :+1:



I wish more people had this attitude.


Also a very valid point.

But my whole point is there would be a huge increase in alliances that dropped if the reward was better for sure. Without a doubt.

On the same token tho I believe, and im fairly certain, that legion is the only alliance in the top 5 that did drop. So it shows u don’t have to do it, to do well too.

Its a matter of perspective :sweat_smile: but hey we didnt drop, neither did u guys, and we all did well so :man_shrugging:

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I’m about ready to quit this game over people that de-rank. This may sound a little complain-y but c’mon. Us lower level players should never be battling someone with 3 uniques and 5 legendaries on their team because they wanted to de-rank and whomp on some low-level players (or whatever the reason). How fun is that for us? This was getting so old on Sunday I stopped the game and am ready to not pick it up again.

Case in point, here’s my team:

and here’s someone I was pit against:

Today this player has 3500+ trophies.

I fight hard to stay in Lockdown and when players like this come along the fun of this game goes to zero. It’s high-time that the arena mechanics get an upgrade. If you trophy drop for whatever reason, as soon as you put in a team that is several levels above the current trophy count then maybe you should only battle people of similar teams and have to fight your way back up like the rest of us.

So, if your last trophy count was 3500 and you swap out your team to drop. As soon as you swap in your high-level dino’s to go back up you have to fight players at 3500 trophies and you have to earn your trophies back by fighting players with similar teams. ie: if you drop to 1500 trophies, you can’t whomp on them with your uniques and legendaries, but your trophy count only goes up as you beat players at your TEAM’s level (not trophy level).

This is not only a deterrent for dropping trophies, but removes the massive frustration that us lower level players have to feel every time we get pit against someone with a team made for a much higher arena. This also allows for those that want to drop and get DNA, but again, you have to fight to get back.

my 2cents on the matter.


About half of our alliance feels the same way…they just don’t want to play anymore. And honestly, losing players just hurts us all :cry:

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It is kinda nice to see the masters decending from on high to mingle with us lower lvl commoners. It gives me a chance to see move sets from dinos I don’t have yet while they chew threw my team! Haha!

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Deranking like this shouldn’t be possible. For competitions like this they should make that once you win over opponent with way lower team, you get paired with bots and your battles don’t count for competition.

So today we can expect rapid climb from all derankers to derank again before tournament starts. Though then probably just few hundreds of trophies.


Answer it. He made a very good point. Out of your essays.

@LadyCaswell I’m with you- it was a thrill to fight with the big dogs and you most certainly wouldn’t blame yourself for the defeat! :rofl:

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But we all need to get along- good topic friends!

For competitions like this they should make that once you win over opponent with way lower team, you get paired with bots and your battles don’t count for competition.

I like the idea that if you arena drop then your battles no longer count towards competitions. I also think your trophy awards should get cut in half (just to make climbing slow and a deterrent to dropping in the first place). However, I think they should have to battle teams of similar strength to get back, whether those are bots or humans is fine.