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Dead bug!

I managed to screw up my infinity battle and when my last dino, poor old Ostie, got KO’d the game played the KO scene and then just sat there looking at him out cold, on the ground, in the rain.

I had to dump the game via android in order to get out. If I hadn’t he’d still be there. Dead. RIP Ostie😢.


Ostie will rise again!! Never lose hope. The warrior is taking a break, and will be back soon as strong as he once was.

After cooldown ofc

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Good news! After restarting the game I was allowed to quit the battle and I got Ostie back to his paddock so he can cool down. :smiley:
Here he is back on his feet.


images - 2020-10-09T140747.548


yay!!! go ostie you can do it i knew you could heal!!!

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