Dead on Arrival [Closed by Moderation]


This game had so much potential on release but it’s just going downhill. The game has barely any substance to it…the map just looks bland and empty with the same dinos spawning every so often. The best feature of this game is the battle but even that has flaws; mismatching, the occasional connections errors and it doesn’t even let you battle friends. It’s getting monotonous and boring, its lacking depth and modes. I understand it can all be fixed in updates and I hope it is but at this moment in time it feels like they are more intent on trying to make you spend money on ‘offers’ than they are in adding to the gameplay via more Dino’s, items to help spawn certain Dino’s, tracking features to actually Hunt Dino’s you want, fossils to find for extra DNA etc. I hope this game reaches its potential but right now it isn’t anywhere close. I’m not writing this to hate because I want it to be great, these are just my thoughts as of now


Also forgot to mention VIP. In a nutshell, not worth it at all for you who are buying it. If you continue to give them money…they won’t really improve things. Ofcourse its your choice at the end of the day but you are paying for the bare minimum, Just saying.


P.s.s. Shouldn’t rares get 5 or 6 attempts on the events seeing as they aren’t on the same level as epics?


I just canceled by VIP subscription and deleted the game. Everyone keeps comparing this to Pokémon, but aside from the AR aspect, it’s just a clone of Ludias TMNT Legends game. Every aspect of it is the same outside of the AR, right down to the obscene prices you need to level (if you don’t want to grind for literally months on end with a single character), the rigged fights so you can’t go beyond a certain point, and the rigged matches against the computer 10 levels higher than you. I wasted far to much time and money on that garbage and I’m not doing it again. Once you play enough of Ludia’s games, you get used to the fact they only care about a sub par product that they can use to get you to spend a ton of $$$$ on. Once I hit the point where it was obvious I either had to grind for a month to level one dino up, or spend a weeks worth of pay, I was done.


Canceled my VIP subscription today


Honestly I’m glad you guys did, they shouldn’t get a penny from you until they improve the game or atleast give you something of proper value in return. We as an audience can’t be complacent otherwise they won’t improve


Cancelled my vip subscription also it really isn’t worth it, the game is fun but does get boring quite quick when its the same dinos all the time and nothing really special. The battling system is a joke i think we all know we are not battling real people right?!


VIP is not worth it currently (unless you buy for the incubator and the battery is a bonus). Other than that you are basically just stupid ad impatient. its a new game and they added like 6 new dinos and events within the last 2 weeks and you are complaining that they arent adding anything (specificially dinos).

instead of complaining about the same dinos, you could have noticed a pattern or even just googled. there are like 4 sets of localized spawning patterns that are checkerboarded across each city so you can catch basically everything in your local area. you just need to go like a neighborhood over to get different spawns. if you played instead of complaining you would probably enjoy the game more.


“at this moment in time it feels like they are more intent on trying to make you spend money on ‘offers’ than they are in adding to the gameplay via more Dino’s, items to help spawn certain Dino’s, tracking features to actually Hunt Dino’s you want, fossils to find for extra DNA etc.”

I replied pointing out that they added/adding dinos already and that you can already know where certain types spawn (pattern). The events tell you exactly where certain dinos will be and when. The only thing not in game is an item to attract them to you.

I already agreed that VIP isn’t worth it, I simply called you or for complaining about a lack of very specific things that already exist. That’s why I said you’re stupid.


The game is brand new so there is going to be mismatching in the lower leagues. Imagine players that are P2W who just picked up the game and bought new incubators. They have to float their way out of those leagues that they are too overpowered for. Somebody has to play those matches. I feel bad for all the people in the lower leagues that I climbed over their matches were probably really not fun. It’s just part of playing a game very early. The advantage of right now is you can climb leagues very quickly while people learn the game. You should be collecting fusable DNA for hybrid dinos that are more powerful. Those common dinos you’re skipping might just fuse into something you really need.


They added 2 new dinos to battle arena rewards and added 4 new ones via events in just a couple weeks. I’m sure the event ones will be added to a spawn grouping soon enough si they can be caught in the wild, if not then they will be regular events and easier to farm.

What’s the point of finding a fossil instead of a dinosaur? I’d rather it just be a dino.

The event is technically a way of tracking and there are already specific spawn mechanics/groupings so you can hunt in areas a specific dino spawns if you are looking for a specific one. The tracking here is better than pogo already and that’s been out for years. Do you want it to just play for you? The whole point is to hunt down dinos and level them up and battle them. Seems you want to remove the hunt feature and just be given everything apparently.


Again you keep missing the point. It’s easier talking to a brick wall than you. I gave Fossils as a suggestion, if they can come up with something different then great but it atleast varies things up and adds depth. It’s not tracking If you already know the location of the dinosaur you genius… the whole point of the tracking feature for a specific Dino could be cool because you could see signs on the map to know your headed in right direction. It’s the exact opposite of knowing the specific location, good lord just stop because you sound ridiculous. why am I not surprised that you yet again avoided the main Point of ludia caring more about the money than the gameplay. Please just stop replying and carry on with your day


You can see them on the map literally 1100+ft away. Take pogo for example you can see things within 50ft. It’s insane to complain about this when its 20x better at launch than pogo is 2 years in.

Being able to ask for nearest location of a specific dino is simply crazy. You could just spoof or speed around grabbing nonstop epics.

You are ignoring that I agree they are money hungry but you are straight up being entitled and rediculous with the majority of your complaints. Seriously dead in the water is your title. You’re not giving constructive feedback, you’re whining and making things up or just wrong.

Your main complaint is that they added new content


Exactly!!! You can see them!! That’s not tracking!! What is so hard for you understand? I’m not asking for nearest location of a specific dino, are you even reading or just assuming? You are ridiculous, in my original comment I specifically stated that I wasn’t hating on the game, that they were just my thoughts on adding substance to a game. That they should focus on gameplay instead of just focusing on money. You got obsessed on the wrong part of the message…took it out of context and then instead of offering suggestions to improve…simply stated it was stupid. For the millionth time…my main complaint is they focus on money over gameplay… learn to read