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Dead or knocked out?

Anyone noticed after the update when you beat a dino or one of yours is done, it lays on the ground breathing until the replacement comes in while before it would lay motionless for like a second before disappearing?


If they’re dead, you will have to create a brand new one. :wink:


Dead…but reincarnated.

Lol, best possible answer

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Whoa Diablo Hardcore mode, anyone? :skull_and_crossbones:

I imagine it like they fainted. I honestly love this little detail, the blood too. Call me weird, but I can watch the defeated creature animation for a good while.

Just imagine it like your darted a dino and it finally fell down, and it’s just breathing hard because it was moving so much.

Dude, they’re dead. Can you imagine surviving all that punishment? Even if they did, can you imagine the trauma to the animals to be forced to do it all over again?

I imagine that the original is in my collection. The battle team are cloned copies of the original that we send, yes, TO THE DEATH.