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Dead Pet not swapping out

Was in an aquatic pvp battle my 2nd creature got killed but didn’t swap to my last but the game let me carry on fighting with a dead creature i had to manually swap to the 3rd so as not to give myself a huge advantage over my opponent

Sounds like a possible bug in the new version? If you see it again, try to grab a screenshot to send to Ludia support.

I do really like that new legendary mod that leaves you with a single hit point after a kill shot! I’d use that one every time. Too bad those mods are so expensive to get.

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It was a normal aquatic so no mods so could be a bug only time will tell if others experience it.

Aggh I hit this bug too!!! Stole a sure win right out from under me due to it too. Ludia please fix this! I’ve run into a couple other bugs as well, what’s the best way to report them? In game chat seems to get no response.

Hey Megalosaurus, our team would be happy to take a closer look at this and investigate further if you reach out to them here at with your support key. Also, as @Mary_Jo had suggested, it’d be really helpful if you could grab a screenshot of this the next time it happens, and include it in the email. Thanks!

I always use the Help & Support function in the game to address their support team. If you select Support you can use the icon in the upper right corner to start a conversation with them. Good luck, it could take a while (days) before they answer, but they do.

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Yes, I’ve sent messages in there regarding these bugs. Got what looks to be an automated reply about them having a large backlog to get through so sounds like a lot of users are sending in complaints.