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Dead Zones

Dear Ludia,
Why does the area around my house appear to be a dead zone with dinosaurs just out of reach all the time?
All I seem to get are Amphicyons.
Any chance you could put some dinosaurs in your dinosaur themed game?
Also another couple of spinners nearby would be a lovely thing to do.

You see, if you bought VIP, you’d have all the dinos and drops in range!

Don’t tell me u live near Chernobyl :pleading_face:

Ah Ludia!
Once again you’ve moved the spinners on me. (Twice in one day in fact) Now it seems the pesky dinosaurs only spawn on the outer reaches of my range.
Why are they so afraid of coming close to me? They have more teeth than me and can run faster.
Come on, please stop moving spinners. It’s really annoying. And please have a word with the dinosaurs and ask them to spawn a bit closer to me every once in a while?

P.S: A T-Rex coming to visit everyone once in a while would be very welcome.


Come on!!!
Give me some dinosaurs!