Dealing with indo


Hi folks i can remember somone saying somthing about keeping a particular dino on your team to take care of indominus but cant remeber which dino or which move it was. It has somthing to do with blocking cloak.



Nullifying attack is what you want.


I think it might’ve been Stegodeus. Seems like the most reliable counter to Indom.


Unless it’s high enough in level Stegodeus will get one shot after the cloak and armor since it cannot get through the cloak! Even if the cloak fails indominus still get the 4 times Damage!


And speed also because if you use nullify you can’t completely kill indominus in one shot (at least it’s rare)

My 21 trex has 1 shot an indominus on several occasions right through the cloak with a crit on defense shattering

The trick to win in the game is taking out your opponent but having enough health to do damage on the next one!


Just now my level 20 indominus took out a level 20 indominus! I won the battle because of 2 factors! 1 we both used armor pierce and basically cut our health in half next move opponent used cloak and I used armor rampage and RNG was in my favor cause his cloak failed!

RNG was in my favor in the whole battle his Monostegatops stun failed while my dilano stun worked


Indo is best countered by monostego in my opinion, it’s not immune so can be slowed and stunned and you can nullify it’s evasive stance :relieved:


True but not if RNG fails ya!


There’s no rng with slowing and nullifying


So nullify is an absolute?

I did not know this!


I’ve also just reread this, I thought you were on about indoraptor and you mean indom so just ignore whatever I just said :joy::joy:


But yeah it an an absolute the cloak is removed.


Not if you use short - defence.


Sometimes my mono will take down indominus if I get to go first and use my big nullify and than stunning next if he cloaks!

I have gotten messed up because I use my big nullify and he uses armor piercing instead of cloak


Short defense is useless against armor piercing


Although with a 2+ level difference(or a 1 level difference with luck on the Irex side), Indom takes out stegodeus.


It all comes down to level a level 22 stegodeus against a level 18 indominus! Yes

A level 18 stegodeus against a level 20+ indominus is a no!

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It still cuts the damage in half. So instead of receiving 4x damage, you only take 2x.


Short defense is not useless against armour piercing, it’s useless against defense shattering… are we playing the same game? :joy:


I’m playing monopoly! What are you playing :joy::joy::joy: