Dear Anky, 🧐


Where art thou? :face_with_monocle::joy: I know which zone he is in, but can they put ankylosaurus as an event dino already? I need to plan a day to go hunt him I know lol but anyways just wanted to see who else has been seeing little of our beloved ankylosaurus :joy:


I have never seen one in the wild but it seems to be ALLLL I get from incubators, no point in levelling it up as the dna is used for two hybrids but I can’t fuse those because I don’t have enough of the other ‘ingredients’


Literally the first event dinosaur, if I remember correctly, was the anky. So if you missed that you may have to wait a long time.


@Heather let’s trade some DNA :joy: when I started I used to get it from incubators as well, but lately I havent had much luck


@GamingAnar theres been so many i honestly dont remember lol and I have it at a high enough level and been able to fuse some for the hybrids… I just need more, a lot more :joy::joy::joy:


THIS … I can’t even remember what’s been in events and what hasn’t


I remember that in the update notes for the event drops had a picture or two, and the one I remember was an event drop with an anky under it,and at that point I had only seen the gen2 variant so I was pretty excited.


I have seen around 5 in my neighborhood since the update. I usually see them in the early afternoon but that may be coincidence because I take a break to play the game after lunch.


I’ve never seen a real Ankylosaurus in the wild. Mine comes purely from incubators. Gen 2 on the other hand have suddenly become super common around where I am.


Gen 2 is all over the place here at night. I usually get 2-3 in a half hour’s walk. The epic one lives in my city centre.