Dear Dear Ludia

Release Irritator and Stiggy to the wild. Even Brachi is out, why are you withholding those two still? This week’s event is also pretty useless, I might add. If you’re running out of ideas and won’t release the Irritator, please, by all means, REPEAT THE IRRITATOR EVENT.

To the newer players, save your coins. No reason to level anything to 30. As we’ve seen, Ludia simply nerfs the meta once they’ve taken in enough coins for it. Try to have a balanced team, a level 30 Stegodeus with 7 level 20’s not the way to the top.



i dont find this event useless. i can put a couple notches on my gigaspikasaur during this event. and who knows… maybe the gators will get a hybrid in the future. dont sleep


Honestly, I’m not sure Gigaspika is the best investment considering the upcoming meta. Once SS is nerfed, all the DoT’s will come out and Gigaspika will probably have a hard time.

I have never created and I do not believe that I will ever create neither the Gigaspikasaur nor the nodepatotitan. All the DNA of Nodopatosauro is for the Stegodeus.

My Gigaspikasaur is L19 and was a valuable member of the team before it got benched in favour of better options like Monomimus and Indoraptor - doubt I’ll be adding to it but don’t regret using the DNA/coin on it. Agree that Nodopatotitan is a waste but mine is L16 0/100 simply because “I want them all”. Stegodeus is L24.

Dear Ludia,
pretty disappointed with this halloween events. So simple and boring

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I guess it depends on each case. I have Stegodeus also at level 24 without having created the other two hybrids of the neuropatosaurus. If I had Gigaspikasaur at 18 I would not enter my team (they are outside my team: Eynosuchus of 20, Pyrritator of 18, Spynotahraptor of 19, Monostegotops to 16, Paramoloch of 19, Ouranosauros of 18, …) and, on the other hand, My Stegodeus would be at most at level 22.

On the other hand, if I had created the Gigaspikasaur, I would also have reduced my tragodistis, another of my Top dino. It is a pity that Ludia uses the same DNA for many hybrids so that many of us should decide not to create some creatures (I will never have Gigaspikasaur, no nodopatotitan, or ankintrosauro, …) while at the same time there are many rare and epic without hybrids … but I guess Ludia must have her creation in mind in the coming months or years.

in run into them now. i have some immune to take care of them but its the luck of the draw as always.

Curious to see your team; here’s mine and the top tier of the bench

I created those two for collection, but they’ve been benched since the start. Their specialty is tanking hits while chipping away at the opponent, useless in my opinion.