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Dear Devs...can I get answer on pvp question

I am again trying to get some clarity on pvp battles. I find it hard to believe I am the only one that has strings of “silly” bad luck over and over.

All I want to know is if pvp is really random as it seems statistically impossible to me.

Over the last three pvp games Dominate was resisted 7 times in a row
Explorers Boots did NOT pro 11 out of 13 times - with a 75% proc chance (Damage on movement)
Guardian of Faith did NOT proc 7 out of 8 times - 50% chance to do damage on movement
Assassinate - Resist kill 4 out of 4 times. (OK, only 50% chance)
Defensive stance - 0 out of 8 procs - gain additional move (50%)

I am spending more time tracking numbers that enjoying pvp - these numbers seem very NOT random as they seem to come in phases.

Is there any way to get an actual confirmation that pvp does not allow one to hit a certain level, and then be hindered by the game - in other words I will be prevented from moving upward without a money investment.

*This seems to happen each time get slightly over 2500 pvp score…then suddenly “bad luck” ensues.

Thanks for any input…

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Game 4 - Dominate - Resist and Resist t - Up to NINE RESISTS in a row
Disintegrate - resist two times in a tow

Their kills and dominates were NOT resisted at all – My score was 2510 when this started.

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Ok…game 5…

Last 5 attacks missed. Yes, 5!
Time for a break before I become fussy. Screenshot_20200113-162334

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Game 6

Two more resists on Dominate…add em up
2 fails on dis. from Mage
No kill with Rogue.

His mage killed on one shot
His rogue killed rest with multiple crits…

And WIN game 7 - with a ONE shot Counter Attack Kill with my Barbarian/Hammer his second turn.

So illogical to me.

Now I bet my “luck” will suddenly change and items will proc again. I will see what happens and let you know…even if you are not interested. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Are you playing humans or bots? If it is humans, unless it is a couple of people who it seems like they are being messed with by devs, when you are getting stomped that means someone else is doing the stomping and over time it should level out. If it is bots, it seems like they do have some imperative to at least slowdown someone’s advancement if not to just cut it off completely

I am never sure. Just weird to me how it seems to be all or nothing…I guess if you use the median things do average out eventually…20 out of 40 is still 50% even if you lose 20 and then win 20!! It is the 10+ in a row success and then 10+ in a row failure that seems odd…and odder still it mainly happens when I get to 2500 score…

I now won the last four in a row…no resists (rogue and mage one shot others), Lock move on damaged proc’ed every move as did the priest…and 3/3 were dominated.

So you are correct, it seems to even out. I think my true test will be when I get over 2500 again and see if I start this weird streak again.

EDIT-- I am sure no one is messing with me – just may be some unique coding…OR maybe it is just really weird luck which is why I wonder if this is unique to me??

I just meant that there are a couple of people in the forums who it honestly seems like they might be getting messed with. Either intentionally or just very bad luck with anomalous programming.

Couldn’t agree more. There have been lots of complaints but I don’t see how anything has changed. I loose 75% of my battles and keep teetering between level 6 and 7. Never making it to the season competition. My roster ranges from level 12-13. Nearly have my wizard at 14. Either terrible TERRIBLE luck or the game is amiss.

The system is rigged. When I played I would easily advance to within 50 pts of the next league. At which point I would routinely be pitted against level 18 to 20 bots for 4 or 5 matches. This would lower my trophy count back to where I started. This pattern would perpetually repeat.

What made this really frustrating was I was located in the bottom league where other players were battling level 13-16 bots throughout. No other players I have discussed this with in the bottom league were ever matched against loaded level 20 bots immediately after being defeated by a level 20 bot. After a solid month of requesting assistance or clarification from support, it was only with some outside pressure that the developer agreed to correct this. Unfortunately, the fix lasted only two days.

Fortunately for me, the wise folk at the brand were in agreement. Although they were unable to assist with WoW, they were otherwise accomodating.

Good luck.

Thanks for the info Orloch.

I just got back to 2520 YAY!!!

Next game I came against player/bot with similar score and got slaughtered. Back to two resists on Dominate , and hardly any procs on movement and no kills from mage/rogue. Back to lower level…And back to four losses in a row. :thinking:

So to me this proves scores are being manipulated for sure as this is the third time this has happened when I near this level.

OK…I am keeping myself amused.

I was at 2510 pvp score after nice winning streak and a nice 30+ trophy win!!
I thought things were going my way and I was wrong about my thoughts on pvp NOT being random when I came up against four level 10s with a pvp score of 2380. Way below me and way lower levels!!! Easy win for me for a change at this level!!!

Turn 1 - Barbarian hits me 4 times for total of almost 5k - Lock Dead
Turn 2- Turn 2 Ranger hits twice -zone attack - kills my Mage and Fighter
Misses my Bard and I SUCCESSFULLY Dominate Rogue
Turn 3 - Mage one shots my Bard

I actually got a good laugh out of this one…but I would so love a comment by a Dev about what changes for me when I hit 2500 pvp score? Name of opponent was Chickenmanxxx (xxx=numbers that I don’t remember)

I recommend taking a break from PvP for a little while. From a programming stand point, it makes little sense to not have the variables be the same for both players. It would be more lines of code for no obvious reason. This game is not well suited for PvP. Certain abilities which work fine in the PvE part of the game are horrifically unbalanced in the PvP portion. We all have our bouts of bad luck (I had mine yesterday), but it will pass. Just take solace in the fact that the rewards from PvP are terrible and you are much better off spending your time grinding challenges instead.


Unfortunately, the challenges have also become impossible for some accounts. The game has become completely unplayable for some players who have been overly critical in the forums. It is possible Lee_Maker has become one such player.

PvP is bad.

Just play it to keep a chest or two going and fill the /20 every now and then. If at all

This game does have its golden moments though - got a red chest and the dungeon master pack on the go at the moment - had the same thing a month ago (after not seeing either for ages) :slight_smile:

Hero levels are not always a true measure of strength. Some players intentionally don’t advance their hero levels and max their gear levels.

As to win streaks and loss streaks, my experience has been every win gets me progressively stronger opponents until I can’t win anymore and get pummeled a few time by players stronger then me. Then that resets my back down to lower level opponents where I have a better chance and start winning again. In a perfect world, you’re probably looking at a 50% win/loss ratio unless you’re the very top of the server.

I long ago stopped focusing on pvp and events based off of pvp and just keep my boxes filled. The game becomes much more enjoyable the less you care about pvp.

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Hope you’re wrong about this. Makes sense though. I’ve criticised a lot and now constantly lose. Just lost 11 in a row. Pathetic waste of time.

I’m that idiot (or you met one of the few other insane people)! See this post for more information: Curious

This is a commendable observation. I agree that we should observe ties if d20s were truly the mechanism used to determine initiative. But as any SuperBowl viewer can tell you, the best determiner of who goes first between two teams is a coin flip. They likely have a coin flip in the background and then give arbitrary numbers to simulate how initiative is handled in D&D.

I have lost faith with this game.

PVP matching is the worst I have ever seen.

Grinding the rooms is boring now weapons are maxed as rewards are pointless.

There is no adventure mode once completed.

Tests of might are as bad if not worse than PVP.

And no matter how well equipped I am I see constant Miss/Fail and The damage of my attacks is like using a feather while my lower classed opponent hits with one shot kills.

this could have been a great game instead it is frustrating aggravating and now pointless.

What was a 5 star game and rated as such when released Now only just deserves 1 star and that’s for the visuals and design not the game play.

Overall I am disappointed in the way this game has developed a good game ruined by inexperienced developers with no understanding or desire to make a difference.


I am in complete agreement Skyad. The recent changes have made the game less enjoyable for many.

Players have provided the developers adequate advice on how to make the game playable and enjoyable. However, instead of listening to the suggestions provided by the masses, the developers continue to adjust convoluted formulae generated by insiders, and implement these formulae into their own misguided vision.

The base concepts of the game are fantastic, but the consistent CR increases and the absolute reluctance to move away the failed PvP mechanics continues to cripple the game and make it occasionally unplayable for many.

Players want to win. Winning encourages players and makes them enjoy playing. When players feel good about a game they return and are increasingly willing to spend. Instead, the Ludians have chosen to strive towards making players lose.

Continually making people lose 10+ concurrent battles has driven an endless number of players from the game. For the reasons noted above, successful developers encourage winning and try to prevent endless losing.

Additionally, continually adjusting the CR of Challenges is abusive. No other developer actively discourages players from improving their heroes. As we know, players who avoid improving heroes beyond level 10 can easily finish all challenges and have an easier time in PvP, while players like myself who run challenges with much higher heroes are stuck in overpowered challenges rooms, multiple times more difficult than the same rooms when played by those with level 10 heroes. This is idiotic and has compelled many advanced players to surrender. This needs to be corrected in the next update.

The developers should focus on promoting player enjoyment rather than striving towards ever increasing unplayability.