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Dear game makers and players *gps issues*


This might be me just having a tinfoil hat moment but…

I play this game on my commute to work. This means busses and subway. Lately it’s been just randomly assigning a GPS location and leaving me stuck. I message support and miraculously it’s fixed.

I’m drawing the conclusion that thi is some anti cheat protocol. Since after a few times of this the game won’t load dispute signal strength.

I play this game because it’s a quick fun game. I like to catch Dino’s as I go to work.

What I don’t like is spending my whole commute trying to fix a game.

Just saying that is issues that drive people away. Already I’ve given up my music as any other program running when jwa is on causes crashes


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My other half has had gps issues for a long time with no resolve. He drives over the road and hunts when he stops anywhere between the upper midwest US to Florida or California. I sure hope the issue isn’t ludia assuming some players are spoofing their locations although it happens too often for them to be too careful. I have heard that opening google maps at the same time may correct it. It didn’t work for him though. Hope it gets fixed for you soon :slightly_smiling_face:


To be honest spoofing is really not an issue. Honestly it only gives access to more choice opportunities. They still need thier skill to battle and to collect. I think it only is an issue for the me too mentality. … With that said I uninstalled and reinstalled and that worked.

But again if I am going to need to do that all regular and such it’s gonna burn through my data. And that would end game play too. Just saying


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