Dear Laeral,

Please. Shut. Up.

Yes, I know that every moment I waste recovering lets the Legion solidify their positions at the summit, but considering those level 11 gnolls just swept through my level 7 party in one round, and even the level 9 versions can take out my tank before I can clear the anti-heal spell and heal him … maybe we’re just going to have to wait a bit. Maybe I should just spend the next few days invading Sharpstone Keep every 4 hours and then we can talk about gnolls some more next week, deal?

And who is the Legion again? it’s been so long since I started this game I forgot when and what you told me they were. And most of the rest of the story.

draws a deep breath
Ok, I feel better.

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When the ones that prevent healing, either use dominate or the wizards skill that prevents a row from attacking for a round, they will buy you very useful time depending on initiative, that’s the main trick

Thanks. I’m mostly ok with the poisons now with tommas’s Restoration flask, unfortunately I’m blowing all my cool downs in the second room and getting trashed in the third, where each hit from a gnoll does 80% damage to each character I have

It’s a grind and I will admit, when I hit those guys it was a PITA and hoping to high hell they didn’t cause prevent heal when they attacked, though if I knew one of the monsters was stupid stong I would dominate them and prevent attack on the gnolls, just for the extra damage then target the one the dominated monster hit

Thanks. I don’t have dominate yet. Is that a bard spell?

Yes, dominate is on the bard epic banjo