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Dear Ludia, 1.7 killed my love for the game

Dear all. I was an avid Pokemon Go player. Two level 40 accounts. But got bored. Along came JWA. Refreshing, great battle system. Loved it from the start. I have an average of L29 team. I’ve been a top 500 player in every tournament. Along came 1.7. My average L29 team is getting destroyed by a single OP Thor 3-0. I cant imagine that this is what you want. I’m quiting this great game. I might be back if hard core players are appreciated with proper mecanics of the game. Have fun all. Regards, Yoda.


I played PoGo too until level 40. I too was excited when JWA came out. It used to be a fun game right? Now it’s a wasteland i will never come back to. I even miss PoGo now.


POGO was boring in so many ways. Stat boosts killed this game in one update


I think you should wait for a response from L. We are many who do that!

1.7 is gamechanger.

Totally agree. 1.7 has ruined the game, balance, fun. For top-players the hunting is also ruined, cause the most wanted DNA are locked in arena incubs.
It’s been said so much about how bad this update is and it’s been done so little to fix it.
Go to, see feedbacks about this new version. Almost 80% are mad about it and are 1*. I liked all 1* feedbacks so that new players would see them at the top.


You have a very good point.

A game is supposed to reward its playerbase. Especially the ones that are invested, play often.
That is grinding in this game. You are grinding dna and get reward by having high level dinos and it allows you to win more games.

But now who cares? Just unlock dinos, don’t bother leveling past 25-27 and just buy unlimited boosts and get insta win with a 2 900+ attack Thor. Fastest, strongest just with thousands of cash.

If that was the plan all along they should have tell us, I wouldn’t have bother with this.

That’s really sad because I think the core mechanism is way, way better than pogo (and probably even unite from what I’ve seen).

Oh and thanks to make me wait 10min to get one incub, 10min where you can’t switch app, you can’t let your phone on sleep mode. No 10min with screen on and no swap, just waiting. Well done, so much fun :clap:how to undo one of the few things that were right with 1.7.


1.7 didn’t kill my love for the game…

1.7 killed the game I love.


I want to like this post like 10 times but 1 will have to do.


Agree 100%

From there perspective everything is great…
Sales are up thanks to the boosts
Numbers are steady thanks to the tournament…

Why change anything…doesnt bode well for us loyal players that where here at the beginning and grinded for a year…


I guess I’m the only one who actually still enjoys the game.

I think everyone else does it too.

But are frustrated of the direction the game taking.

To create unbalance with purpose, to the cost of frustrated players, is not a good update.

yup and the only way to really beat one is to trot out erlidom or indoraptor and pray you dodge.
what great skill and strategic wizardry that entails. unfortunately both players cant lose

ludia’s response


I never bought any of the boosts when they were being sold but I have been getting my daily incubators every day along with the boost tower.

I feel like I’m just keeping up. I’m holding in the same 3800 to 4000 range. I felt forced to use all my boosts where I could which helped after a 6 battle loosing streak. I had to use them all.

This is the way it is right now. You MUST get your daily incubators every day without fail or you WILL slide down in trophy’s. If you don’t get your daily boosts (incubators), you will slide down the food chain till your team finds its place. Play, play, play and don’t let a 0-3 loss stop you. Get those incubators, Get those boosts.

Sliding down isn’t necessarily falling behind in this game. I think that is just a state of mind. This isn’t a game you win by beating a big bad guy at the end. There is no end. The end is when you wear out from the day in, day out play.