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Dear Ludia: A 1.8 Suggestion

I have no idea if I’m just screaming into the void here, but I know the mods will see this, and they say they tell you guys stuff, so I have my fingers crossed.

For the next big update, I propose that, instead of trying to expand upon/revamp/experiment with the game, y’all take a little step back, relax, and focus on two things: New dinos and bug-stomping.

It’s beating a dead horse to go into all the reasons 1.7’s implementation was a mess, so we’ll work from the premise that it was Just Bad. Some cool new stuff came with it, but the players have been too distracted by the flaws and difficulties caused to enjoy them fully. Personally, I enjoy the boosts, and I’ve managed to successfully incorporate them into my play/strategy. I think they add something I was looking for in the game a long time ago, which is a variance between dinosaurs of the same species, so you’re more challenged when combating them. Maybe not everyone wanted that, but I’m a gamer at heart, and building custom characters is fun and familiar.

The new Tournaments, on the other hand, are cool on paper, less so in function. I like getting to flex skill a little and play creatures I stopped using once I got my hybrids. However, they’re cost-prohibitive to those players who could actually use the cash prizes, and are just free pocket change I guess for the people for whom 100 cash is a drop in the bucket. I tried to keep up with the leaderboard, but after losing one morning of play, found it impossible to climb back into the top 500. One hundred cash down the drain, and I could’ve used half of that for the same amount of money in the shop, or saved it to go straight for the 25k coin box. I think this one needs some work. If there must be a cash entry, make it at most equal to the cost of the same coin value in the shop. Players might feel less ripped off then, be more likely to play in the tournament at all, and maybe some who don’t already buy more than 30k cash on a weekly basis would have a shot at winning it.

Now, to the heart of my suggestion. For 1.8, instead of trying to do crazy new stuff, take a step back and focus on the game that already exists. I can’t be the only one thinking or suggesting this. Right now, the player base (with probable exception of a few high-paying players) is angry and soured over 1.7, and it’s mostly justified. You can probably hear our howls of outrage from the parking lot of your offices. But, in the immortal words of OK GO, this too shall pass, and once it has, we’d appreciate not being immediately thrust into a disastrous mess again.

To that order, leaving things to rest for one update would be nice. There are still plenty of bugs to work out. The alliance chat feature is a big one for me, it’s hard to have cohesive conversation with my alliance members, even if it’s just about what DNA we need. Closing and reopening every time you want to post a message is, shall we say, less than convenient? Arena lag still abounds, for whatever reason, and though it’s not as bad as a couple weeks ago, players are still kicked mid-battle, or find it impossible to battle at all. I’m not sure if this is mentioned much, but the stun mechanic has a few quirks that might mean the difference between a win or a loss, depending on whether it works as expected. These are just the things that I’ve noticed personally, and I could comb the forums for more, but you’ve seen them already. I think a lot of them could be, if not resolved, then improved for a new update.

And dinosaurs!!! Or fluffy mammals and birds, honestly any new creature is cool. My guess is that you guys have a selection of creatures in development at all times, just waiting for the right moment to roll them out. This would be a good chance to give us more than the usual handful of beasts, to make a party out of it. Particularly I want my mammoth. Not saying that has to be at the top of y’alls list or anything, but if you were going to put out another prehistoric mammal, it’s a logical choice. If you need any more ideas to beef up the dino roster, I know we’ve all made lists upon lists of our favorite critters we’d love to see in the game. Even if they aren’t hybrids, having new tournament dinos would be capital. They finally have a use because of tournaments.

It may not be a big sweeping game-changer of an update, but I think it would improve quality of life in the game, and keep us entertained with critters, which are the reason we all started playing JWA in the first place. Plus, y’all can relax, take it easy, and maybe not get cursed from afar by a mob of angry players. It’s a win-win!



TL;DR, Give us more bug fixes and dinos to help us forget how bad 1.7’s drop was, and maybe that’ll make 1.8 way more enjoyable.