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Dear Ludia and all her team, leave Smilonemys alone or take some love in her

This is no longer funny, it’s sad.

with each patch Smilonemys has a slight buff and slight nerf:

2.0, nerf in attack and buff in HP? I guess going on and on

Buff in Damage, nice

nerff at HP

It has been changed 3 times since 2.0, I don’t know what problem they have with it, it does not have the best damage or the best HP, nor the best speed or even the best resistances and even worse, its abilities are not the best.

these buff and nerf from Smilonemys, make me think that they don’t know what statistics a “cunning-resilient” should have

I sincerely hope that 2.4 has a fair balance, otherwise I would expect (not just me) a response from you Ludia
@E.D @Ned


Someone must hate cats up there… I love it and use it. It’s incredible how they manage to keep on bashing it.



Also: by doing this they force us all to concentrate on getting the same creatures because per upgrade less creatures are viable as a counter. So all go after the same creatures, levelling them, boosting them… even less variety in the arenas…

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I understand that they must still have an income tax and all that, but I do not understand why that unjustifiable and gratuitous nerf. ludia gives many benefits to creatures and out of nowhere she forgets them. I really want a response to or action from ludia, but illusions eventually fade


Mainly in 2.2 Smilonemys is almost perfectly balanced like it never was. Perfect would be with same stats, moves and 100% decel resist + 100% swap in stun.
300 HP nerf is definitely total nonsense here…


Yes! I would love that (thought stunning strike should not get a 100% chance to stun!) Smilonemys is my favorite along with Queztorion and with Monolo getting added to the team, it’s becoming even deadlier for combos. 300 HP is a huge nerf, that’s how I’ve won many times, because of that sliver of hp. Also 2 of the 3 unique cunning resilients are getting nerfed. And there are 7 cunning resilients. There could be more with interesting playstyles (Smilo utilizes it’s armor and distraction, and Quezt it’s shields and dodge), but the current 2 that have any meta relevance get nerfed. Just why.

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As I see it, ludia doesn’t know what abilities and stats a cunning-resilient should have, if they should have damage, or speed or HP, or resistances. they don’t seem to know how to “balance” it

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And the thing is that we have good and meta Fierce resilients and Cunning Fierce, which the 2 classes counter each other, and yet they work fine. Also nice Smilonemys drawing.

I mean it’s obvious why nemys gets nerfed so much. It beats Thor, their boost cow


I don’t understand why.

I rarely see them in the arena for one (sometimes I think mine is the only one in Gyro!) and when I do they are never as boosted as mine is.

Didn’t Ludia buff all cunning creatures in 2.1 to balance them with everything else? That logic obviously went out the window

Don’t forget all the buffs and nerds in 1.xx @BenauGr_FZ

man! I never forget them, they always give buff and nerf it becomes sad

Given that it is actually fused from 3 epics, this is what it should look like :

But instead…


Man, the thread title just got awkward.

Does anyone think Deliberate Prowl ought to be replaced with something else? I’m not a Nemys user myself, but there are seemingly better options for evasion moves, like Evasive Impact and even the new Evasive Rampage. We even have Cautious Impact now.

It would get better damage output at the cost of cleansing, and since it can just run away it doesn’t have to worry too much about debuffs anyway.

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I really don’t understand why some of the people working at Ludia focus their nerfs on the same dinos all the time.

Monomimus, Carnotarkus, Smilonemys… All three of these were fine before, not even all that frequent in the arena, but someone at Ludia really looked at the battle logs and thought “gotta nerf this thing”.

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To say they were nerfed is an understatement, they were DESTROYED.

Carnotaurus, Wuerhosaurus and Carnotarkus were nerfed together, so there’s probably some sort of connection there.

And don’t forget Scaphotator and Ankylosaurus G2. This is also not the first time they’re nerfing Darwinopterus, and they recently nerfed Pterovexus too.


@King_Ghidorah People say “its 3 components are map monsters”, exactly, but they also think that it is a unique superhybrid, therefore it must have a little more power

@Qaw I feel that deliberate prowl is wrong, it should be “prowl” without more, or that its critical probability was 100% (or that it has a new effect) but personally I would like them to give resistance to smilodon and from there, they improve Nemys (and incidentally to Smiloceph)